Nursery Is Finished

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mandee25 - July 5

I am now 20 weeks 5 days pregnant and I have the nursery pretty much finished. I decided to work on it this week since my hubby and I are both off work for vacation. We chose Winnie the Pooh because it's neutral and you can find a lot of stuff. The color we went with is a pretty teal-ish green color. We also have started buying the bigger baby items too. I wanted to get things ready before I got too big to enjoy it and while I had the extra money. Do you girls think 5 months is too early to prepare the nursery and to buy most of the large baby items? Do any of you think it's bad luck?


Aviendha416 - July 5

Good for you girl. Get your preparations done while you still have the energy to and while you still have some money to. I don't have room in my life for superst_tions so I'm not going to comment on the "bad luck" question. Congrats on the nursery. I have to light a fire under my hubby's a__s to get him to do anything. He's the procrastinator KING!


scarlett - July 5

No, it's not too early. Nowadays there are many people who get their nursery and other preparations done during the 2nd trimester because it'll be difficult to walk and shop during the 3rd trimester when you're all heavy and waddling(lol). And I'm not superst_tious nor do I believe in 'luck'. I believe that things will happen as they are meant to happen. So preparing early is definitely better than procrastinating till the very last minute =)


Lilu - July 6

No I don't think so... you getting it little by little. The only thing I didn't buy was clothing until the last minute. You have to prep the room. Good luck.


ezwaggy - July 6

My friend's nursery was still being painted when she went into labor! What a nightmare. I think you're so smart to get it all b___toned up now.


knpandrews - July 6

Mandee25... I am just about 26 wks. pregnant and the nursery was finished minus the furniture this weekend. We painted, and did a cla__sic pooh theme. We did light lavendar and sage green. I dont think that 5 months is too early it just shows you want to be prepared. I waiting til 7 months because I wanted to be sure of what I wanted. Furniture will be delivered in 9 wks. or so. I do not think it is bad luck. :)


Perl - July 6

Hi Mandee! Wow you're really on top of things, you must feel so relieved to be finished! I'm looking forward to decorating my baby's nursery too. I reached 20 week mark today and my mind is on the nursery big time. Last weekend my dh and I combined our home offices to empty a room for baby and this weekend I plan to pick out some paint so he can paint the room. It's good to paint the room at least a couple of months in advance to make sure the baby is not smelling any paint when he/she moves in. You're way ahead of the game which is good! I'm considering some form of green, yellow or tan and have pretty much decided on the nursery furniture but still need to order it. I'm still not decided on the theme though. In my opinion superst_tions only work if you believe in them, they are like self-fulfilling prophecies.


SuzieQ - July 6

Oh my gosh - I am 27 weeks and have done NOTHING for the nursery!!! We've looked at stuff and are still trying to decide what we want. We're not sure if it's a boy or girl - but we don't really want a themed nursery anyways. I haven't even bought clothes or anything yet :) lol - guess I'd better get on the ball!


Jennifer123 - July 7

Hi Mandee - I'm only 16 weeks and we started on the nursery last week. So no - I don't think it's too early. I would much rather have that done and taken care of as early as possible.


Kira_lynn - July 7

Ohhh the dreaded "am i doing this too early" question! I had that one too. Dh's grandmother lives with us and shes kept saying, "dont buy anything yet" so im not painting till late august (23weeks) and not buying any of the big ticket items. I know that they are planning on buying most of it for us, and that the baby shower will be huge (20peoples huge to me). So i guess i wait. Thats ok tho, cause im having fun buying cloths and small items!!


venus_in_scorpio - July 7

ya know my MIL was being a pain in the a__s about that "too early" stuff too. I am 20 weeks and we are only waiting because we have friends and familiy whose babies are quickly growing out of things like ba__sonets, car seats, newborn tubs etc... so we just dont want to buy anything we dont need...


linzee - July 7

i wish i could start on my nursery, but i wont be moving into our new house until next month. ive already bought the crib and everything when my DH is here, but i want to have the nursery finished by the time he gets back, so my friends are going to paint it for me and set up the crib and everything. but i'll be about 26 weeks before i can do any of that!


Perl - July 7

My last post I was trying to decide paint colors for the nursery then realized I could not do that until I figured out a theme and bedding so I could know the colors of the bedding and accessoreis and the exact furniture color. Tthe particular crib bedding set I picked has lots of colorful cute animals so the room can be versatile and can grow up with my baby boy for at least a couple of years and I can modify it as often as I want from green to light blue to navy blue to tan or even yellow if I want. I'm having fun with this but I realize that it probably won't be be long until I'll be too big and uncomfortable to do much.



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