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mandee25 - June 2

I don't know the s_x of the baby yet but if we can't find out next month at our ultrasound I was wondering what are some pretty neutral colors for painting the nursery. All I can come up with is a pretty pastel green. I am also going to try Precious Moments decorations to decorate my baby's room with. What themes are you all choosing?


SuzieQ - June 2

I was thinking of an aquatic theme - blues, greens, yellows, little fishes and stuff. We couldn't tell if it's a boy or girl at our u/s so I'm thinking an ocean theme would be nice (even though there will be lots of blue). I also like a jungle theme, but dh doesn't :)


cmfqueens - June 2

Yellow is nice too. I like the ocean thing that sounds soothing but yet busy. I look foward to seeing some ideas I have nothing! I have my u/s today though so hopfully I can spend my weekend shopping!


bhouchen - June 2

I am also going to be doing very light green and yellow. My theme is going to be animals. Like cute cartoony safari animals. I figured that would be cute for a boy or a girl.


sophandbob - June 2

I have picked out a paint called Lemon Ice, we've got a creamy beige carpet nd are going to paint the skirting board pale blue to match the border, which is 'cla__sic pooh' Even though it is blue it still looks neutral, it would still suit a girl and was what we were going for even before I found out the s_x of the baby. The accessories are going to be cla__sic pooh too. We've brought some transfers to decorate the furniture and have got crib dressing, mobile and teddies to match.


Kim L - June 2

SuzieQ if you are interested in ocean themes, check out the pottery barn kids "ocean critters" nursery set. It is SOOOOO cute!


Mingill - June 2

Hi, we don't want to know what baby is, so we've been thinking neutral all the way. I want a soft sage green (Dh wants a soft mint) and a b___tery creamy yellow. Themewise, we're thinking of animals, sort of a noah's arch/zoo babies. Remember, and I learned this from my nephew and brothers, whatever you put up should look friendly but not show teeth. My brothers were convinced the cartoon racoons would eat them in the night, and my nephew was very concerned that the animals on his wall were unhappy and sad. Precious moments have lovely soft pastels, what about a soft yellow? I went to the store and just looked at paint chips for a bit. You don't have to buy anything and it helps you pair colours etc. Take one of your decorations with you and look at pulling colours from it.


mcatherine - June 2

Mingill, you know reading your post made me think of something I should share. My SIL used Veggie Tales as a theme for her first son's nursey and to this day she cannot get him to eat a vegetable. He just screams and cries and refuses to kill his little buddies. She plans to remove the borders and paint over the mural - a little too late, I guess. It just made me laugh thinking of the innocence of the little ones and how an adult would never think of these things....


Mingill - June 2

mcatherine, exactly, I try to think how will my baby see this? I was born in the 70's and so a lot my childhood room was decorated in that era. I still remember this creepy picture of a cartoon crocodile putting on lipstick. The picture was bright pink, acid green and bright blue. I used to just stare at it, wondering "What the heck?"... Anyway, if just did a search for nursery themes on yahoo, and found this site, it might give you some ideas.


Mingill - June 2

Ugh, why do those extra dashes show up? It should read bedding-themes and of course html with no dashes.


lexa - June 3

Mandee25, I like the pastel green color. That's what I'm using for our baby's room. It was already decided before we found out the s_x of the baby. And since they are never 100% accurate on the s_x anyway, I am sticking to neutral that will go with boy/girl. I am not using a theme this time around though. Our crib is pastel colors (blue/green/pink) and the wall will be the pastel green. I did buy wall sticker decals (similar to border, no water required the stick like stickers and don't ruin the about lazy, lol:-) But the decals are baby bears and they are all different with different color clothes on. The colors were (all in pastels) green, blue, yellow and pink. It also had little bottles, stars and duck stickers with it too. So I'm just going to decorate with those. I'm not going to make sure everything matches it. The first time I did all Winnie the Pooh theme. Good luck on whatever you decide:-) You'll have fun doing it.


18wbabynov - June 3

i dont know if the baby is a boy or girl yet, and i just got the nursery set for my birthday... i went babies r us shopping and got the baby animals set. its cute with lots of blues and purples. the room im doing with a spongepainted pastel blue and purple! it looks really cute so far!


soontobe6 - June 4

i am going with farm type sence on my baby's walls


flower.momma - June 4

I painted my dd's nursery blue, and we knew we were having a girl. I did cla__sic-looking safari animals, which somehow morphed in to a luau theme as she got older, but anyway. Blue is a nice, tranquil color, even for a girl. I was also told not to invest too much money in cutesy, baby decorations, because by the time the child turns three, they're probably going to hate them.


KellyO - June 5

I wanted to wait to find out what I was having. I found out that I am having a girl, and since I already have a boy, I wanted to go all out with the girlie theme. Princesses and Castles! This is also going to be our last child.


Taffy - June 7

My Mum recommended orange decor and orange clothes as most baby foods are orange and inevitably end up on them and the walls! I thought it was funny!


mindymay - June 7

i like yellow for a neutral color, and our theme for our boy is animals, ie.. jungle, safari, noahs ark.



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