Obsessed With Cleaning

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HP - April 12

Is there anybody else obsessed with cleaning during pregnancy ? I freak myself out by my desire to clean everything, I even move the mattress, and the bed to be able to vacuum under the bed. I know those cleaning chemicals are not good for me during pg, but I just can't help it. Clorox and Windex are my buddies now. Am I weird?


SAR - April 12

HP... you are describing me to a T :o) and i thought i was the only nutcase on this board, lol. even though i am exhausted some days i still have to have things clean. my poor old partner can't even kick his shoes off when he gets home without me putting them away immediately. he thinks it's hilarious. i was never like this before being pregnant. i feel like that bree van de kamp from desperate housewives, hee hee hee.


Leahp - April 12

Hey ladies, Maybe once I get further in my pregnancy because I've heard this happens alot!! You are NESTING!! Funny isn't it!! My friend at work has caught herself doing it! I'm just waiting for an addition to go on to our house and once that's done I'm sure I'll be a freak! But I'm just enjoying relaxing!


NM - April 12

I am cleaning all the time.


Heidi - April 12

I'll give you my address and you can come clean your heart out. Ha ha! I'm the opposite. Don't want to clean at all! But I'm living at my mom's while our house is being built so I'm sure my nesting instincts will kick into full force when we move in! Especially doing the baby room!


Beth - April 12

I am the same way, I like everything spotless right now, I always liked things picked up before, but now I am wiping down after everything. . .AND when my fiance says he will help I tell him no I got it, I mush rather do it my way. .yet just a few months ago I would have given anything for him and the kids to help out, now I rather they not touch!


Sarah Anne - April 12

Oh my goodness ..that is so me! I used to not like cleaning, but now I am 14 wks, and anything in the floor bugs me!!! Its like I cant stop cleaning! I didnt think of it as a pregnancy thing, untill I seen this post!!! I hope the cleaning habit doesnt change after pregnancy!!


leslie - April 12

that is soo funny I think I am getting like that too..(not the cleaning) but every little thing in the floor bugs me..I have a house keeper but lately when she gets here I have everything cleaned..its very funny..how something can bug me so much I have to get up at whatever time it is and fix it/ pick it up.


not obsessed at all - April 12

Could (any of)you come over? I promise not to get in ur way.


Jenn - April 12

Wow I wish I had that problem right now! I'm usually such a neat freak, a___l even...but since I've been pregnant, I've let everything go way downhill. =P Y'all can come over and clean my house anytime! <grin>


HP - April 12

Naah, just specialized in cleaning my own house :-) I went shopping at Target today, and for the longest time stared at Dyson vacuum, want one of those. I think I'm having a girl .. since I'm so neat during pg (I'm 15 wk), will find out (hopefully) in three weeks if its a girl or a boy :-)


Jenn - April 13

That's funny I have a Dyson myself (the purple animal cleaner one) I love it! It's the best vacc_m cleaner I've ever had! Truly a great investment for the a___l neat freak I usually am <grin>. I'm sure I'm probably having a boy then, since I'm so lazy. LOL I'm 15 weeks too! =) Due for my first October 5th, how about you? Our next appointment is on the 26th...I really hope to find out the s_x by then. <crossing fingers>


eire - April 13

jenn - I'm 15 weeks today and due on 5th Oct also... 1st baby too!! cool eh?


Maleficent - April 13

i *want* to clean, i just cant. this pegnancy has wiped me out! lol. come over! this time around my husband is the one doing the nesting. he bought a steam cleaner and has been shampooing the carpets like a mad man. it's a nice change.


KD - April 13

I wish I could be like all of you! I can barely pick up my own clothes after work! My poor husband is doing all the cooking and cleaning. I can't wait till the nesting instinct kicks in!!


NM - April 13

KD, there are some days I am like that. My cleaning is on the weekends but, when I get home from work all I want to do is sleep.


Jenn - April 13

eire - That is awesome! <grin> So how has your pregnancy been treating you? Not to sound whiny, but mine has been pretty miserable! =P I'm prone to motion sickness pretty easily anyway so I'm sure that had a lot to do with my "morning" sickness and nausea. =) Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of being pregnant and I'm so excited about our first baby. I just had no idea how bad pregnancy could make you feel. I mean, I didn't think it'd be a walk in the park, but I also didn't think it'd be like this! ;-) Like I said before, because of how drained I feel all the time I let everything around me go. I really need to start cleaning up this house! LOL Maybe I'll try and do that now...or maybe I'll go eat some Lime Sherbert...=)



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