Obsessed With How Much Weight I M Gaining

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Cindy - January 22

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I've gained 10 lbs. I had yucky morning sickness which led me to eating alot of bread and cheese. I'm 5'4 and my pre pregnancy weight was 137. My doctor says that I'm doing perfectly fine but when I read what the books say I get all freaked out!! I walk every day and do yoga. I eat healthy but I still crave alot of carbs. I just need a little reassurance. Is there anyone else out there who is on the same weight gain track as me?


Karoline - January 22

Hi Cindy. I am basically on the same weight track as you. I am 17 weeks and have gained about 12 pounds. I figured that my body will do what it needs. I am not working out, but I eat fairly healthy.


Monique - January 23

I only gained 7 pounds my first trimester and now at week 25. I'm up 23 POUNDS!!!! I'm totally obsessing too!! But I keep trying to relax so I can enjoy my pregnancy. Poor DH has to give me a pep talk daily!! I too walk and go to Yoga twice a week...... I have read women have weight gain spurts and level off. I'm hopin' that's me!! I just can't bear to miss the joy cause I'm so obsessed!!


Shae-lynn - January 23

Hi Cindy - your story is exactly the same as mine!!! I was 134 before I got pregnant and 141 at 13 weeks. I had a lot of m/s and all I ate was carbs! I couldn't eat meat or salad or veggies which is what I used to live on before. And yes, I still crave carbs all the time. I had some spotting and stuff first trimester so I wasn't exercising either but hope to start soon. When are you due Cindy? I'm due july 21. Later!


Tillie - January 23

Wow, I feel like I wrote this post! I was basically the exact same pre-pregnancy weight as you (and same height!) and now, at 19.5 weeks, have gained 15 pounds. I'm freaking out, too, even though I'm trying to remind myself every day that this is a PREGNANCY, it isn't about OUR bodies anymore, but another little person's body! But it's still so hard. I have never put on any substantial amount of weight before, let alone this quickly--it's really shocking. Like you, I do yoga every week and I've even started swimming! I think our bodies will do what they want to do, though, and I hope Monique is right that some women have spurts and will eventually level off.


bean - January 23

I don't know why you ladies are freeking out! All of you have gained less than a pound a week. Even if you gain a pound a week during all 40 weeks of your pg, you'd still only have gained 40lbs, which is within the normal recommendations. Your body is producing a baby - eat for goodness sakes!!!


ga2bme - January 23

I am totally with you Bean. I gained the full 40 plus with my 1st pregnancy and I am not a heavy person by nature either but ya know what... I loved it. Just remember ladies you arent' fat.....your pregnany. Please don't starve yourselves and overexercise yourself into a craze. Stay within your means and enjoy being able to eat those things you normally don't allow yourselves. You can obsess about the exercise and food after your little bundle comes. Enjoy...enjoy...enjoy!


Christie - January 23

I am 27 weeks and have gained 8 pounds.


J - January 23

Christy: just curious, what's your point? This is a *dialog* about weight issues. Do you have one?


MONIQUE - January 23

I think Christie's issue is not gaining ENOUGH weight!! What does your doc this about that??


Melanie - January 24

Bean's right on....eat for a healthy baby and a healthy you! 10lbs at 15wks is nothing to be fretting about. I'm 30lbs at 30wks....figuring a total of 40-45lbs total, which seems like the right amount for my body. I'm eating right, walking, swimming, so I think it will all work out just fine. Seems like you're on the right track, Cindy......except for the obsessing and worrying part!


Melissa - January 24

Im 23 weeks and 2 days and ive only gained 2 lbs since ive been pregnant. but my belly is alot bigger so i dunno? i think being sick i lost weight other places


yungmama - January 24

I am 24 weeks and have gained 26 lbs. already. don't worry about it. Try to eat as healthy as possible and worry about it after baby comes


Christie - January 24

J: I believe that the topic of this particular forum has to do with weight gain issues. For your information my "comment" was in reference to weight gain or in my case the lack there of. However, I am curious to know if you have any "dialog" to add concerning your weight gain issues or if you are just here to attack other people that have come for advise or comfort. MONIQUE: Thanks for your concern. My doctor said at my last appointment that they aren't concerned at this point and they will see where I am at weight wise at my next appointment which is Feb 6.


J - January 24

Sorry Christy. I was being really b___hy because I've gained a lot and am so tired of women randomly sharing that they've gained close to nothing! But obviously your issues are as important as anyone else's. I'm just hormonal.



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