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wunder75 - March 30

Wanted to start a thread for those of us just getting into our second trimester. My sickness has finally subsided - around 12w5d, and I have more energy than before. Second appointment went well, and I'm feeling good.


CgGirl - April 7

Hi there! I had not joined you guys in the first tri board cause I was too afraid I would jinx the pregnancy! LOL! But I did read you! Anyway, I'm due Oct. 12th and just went last week for the nt u/s. Everything went fine and I'm relieved! I'm also very relieved that the nausea is now gone!


melay86 - April 8

Hello! I am 14 w today and got to hear the baby's heartbeat yesterday! It was wonderful! Especially since all the first trimester symptoms have subsided so much I was beginning to wonder if something was wrong! The gender revealing ultrasound is scheduled for May 6th...I can't wait!!


CgGirl - April 8

Hey Melay! I'm so glad to see you here! We were on the "pregnancy signs" board together... And then you thought you had signs of an m/c... so how did the move go? I'm happy you're having a healthy pregnancy!


melay86 - April 8

Thank you, CgGirl! After I had the bleeding, I knew that there was another month before I could go to the doctor, and I didn't want to read anything negative cuz I'm such a worrywart as it is! So I stopped reading and just prayed, prayed, prayed! About a month later I was able to see a new doctor in Oklahoma and they did an ultrasound to determine how old the baby was...I was so nervous! But there the baby was...just a movin' all around! I was so relieved that I couldn't even feel the typical feelings...just pure grat_tude and relief. And then yesterday, as I said before, I got to hear the heartbeat and it was beautiful!...our move has gone good...we're getting ready for another one in 2 months! How is your pregnancy going??


wunder75 - April 9

I'm so happy to see some more folks here now! I imagine this board will be a little more fun than first tri because in the first tri we were all so nervous.


melay86 - April 9

Agreed...during the first tri, some days I was so nervous and anxious that I almost had to not think about it! Hopefully more October moms will join the second tri board as April goes on! Best of luck to you guys!


Bumblebee - April 10

Hi all - I was on another board, and now at 15 weeks, so thought I would also join in here. Due Oct 5th... I am too so excited the anxiety of 1st tri is over. And done with the nausea, vomiting, and constant doc visits. Do have more energy, but do miss hearing the heatbeat every week... Now it is all 4 weeks apart, and that feels too long. Anyway, trying to enjoy this extra energy, clean up home, and look a little decent! Had abandoned self-care in first tri! :) Even now, don't feel up to doing much, but did go out and get some cute prego clothing! I am showing a lot - friends take first look and guess. I am used to it and am always surprised! :)


CgGirl - April 10

Glad to see there are more of us here! Melay, I completely relate to you regarding the fact that you didn't want to read anything cause you would worry. I'm exactly the same way; everytime I felt anything in my belly, I went into total panic: shortness of breath, couldn't feel my fingers, etc. I'm not sure why as I never had a m/c (knock on wood). Also, I've had some pain since week 8 and it kinda went away. It wasn't cramps, more like discomfort in my very high belly (almost in my sternum). I didn't think there would much stretching going on since it's #2 and dd is only 11 months now, but I guess I'm wrong! My OB appointment is on Friday (17th); I'm very curious about my due date. The first u/s at 6 1/2 weeks said I was 6 1/2 weeks while my 12 week appointment said I was 13. Not sure when I exactly ovulated so... it's only a 5 day difference on the due date anyway.


sbea - April 13

Good Morning, Okay I haven't been online, been to tired to care really. I come back to see what is up and I am like "WHat the heck?" Everything has changed I don't know which forms I was in anymore, so if it is okay I would like to join this thread. I am due October 6th, so like Bumblebee I am 15 weeks. I am starting to get really confused and can never figure out how many weeks I actually am. All I know is I am in my second trimester. Well Today I have a meeting with the genetist. We had our 13 week u/s and well I am in the high risk category for Down's. We will see how that goes today. How is everyone else doing?


#1bun1977 - April 14

Hi everyone! I've been watching these forums, but haven't posted til now. Too paranoid to, I guess. My best guess at a due date right now is Oct 15th. I go for my first ultrasound on the 20th so I'll know better then. This is my first pregnancy so pretty much everything worries me now! Hopefully once I see the u/s I will relax a bit more. *fingers crossed* I know I have calmed down a lot since hearing the heartbeat last week. I guess I thought I could imagine what being pregnant would feel like and it is totally different than that! How is everyone else doing?


sbea - April 15

Okay, so I had that appointment with the genetist and well we decided to do the Anmio which is tomorrow. I am a little nervous, mostly about the needle part. I am not a fan that is for sure. My dh and I decided it would be good to know since we are moving to a small community and want to be prepared for any complications that could happen. I just pray everything goes well and that we have no problems with the Anmio. Well my due date changed again. I am now due Sept 30/Oct1. That puts me at 16 weeks today. Also I felt the baby or should I say flutters yesterday. It was amazing. You will all start to feel them soon. Week 15 to 16 is when most do! Are any of you going to find out the s_x of the baby? My husband and I decided if we are positive for Downs after the anmio we will find out the s_x, since they can tell us 100 percent what the s_x is. But if it isn't we are going to let it be a surprise. Talk to you all soon.


MNMOM - April 15

Hi to all the pregnant mommies! I am technically still first trimester, I am due the end of October, I am 12 w 2 days so only a few days from second Trimester. The thread on the first tri.board for Oct moms is quiet so I finally figured I could find you all here! I am due sometime between October 28 and Nov 2, but I delivered my other 2 kids 2 weeks early, so realistically I think I will have a mid-Oct baby. Today is the first day I feel human!!! Hurray!!! I want to celebrate! Take the day off and clean my poorly neglected house!!! I actually did all the ironing last night, even read some in my book before bed. It was all a miracle! Ok sorry to bore you all with that.Just needed to share my happy dance at finally feeling "normal" again. I am not showing yet and can't feel any baby movements yet. My pants are tight though!!! We are not going to find out the gender this time, will be hard to turn down finding out at the ultrasound, but worth it in the end. I don't go for my quad screen until May 12, anxious to get that over with. SBEA-Let us all know how things turn out for you!


melay86 - April 15

I'm so happy more people have joined the thread! Sbea, yes, let us all know how things go! I will pray that they go well! I am also 15 weeks (due Oct 6th) and haven't really started "showing" yet but ALL of my clothes are tight! I also haven't felt the baby move yet, but my mom didn't feel the baby til later so I'm not really worried about it, especially since this is my first one; but I am looking forward to it!! I also agree that this is not what I thought pregnancy would feel like! I often don't even feel pregnant and sometimes forget...the only thing that's different is when I bend over my tummy feels very full...like there's a rock in there or something! Otherwise I don't even notice tho...


sbea - April 18

Okay, so I had the Anmio on Thursday. No symptoms and everything looks like it went alright. I had no cramping, leaking, bleeding, just sore abs. Mostly sore where the needle went in. But the build up is so much worse then the actual procedure. I am so excited to actually show! And not this 10 pounds looking over weight. Melay I don't know know about that rock feeling, but I notice I can't hold my tummy in. It just sticks out. Some days I don't feel pregnant and I can't believe I am losing my shape. But I am supposed to be changing. It is hard to grasp that. Maybe once I hear solid movements I am sure I will feel like this is more real. MnMom- I hope you screen test goes well! But the Anmio is not as bad as I thought. However i am sure everything is going to be fine. Well I Hope the rest of you are well!


mama4andmore - April 19

Hello all i am new to this board and I am 14w5d pregnant with baby number 5. I am really excited to find this board. I just wanted to stop and say hello.


Bumblebee - April 20

sbea - So glad the amnio went well. And the results? Is all good? Did you find out the s_x? I am getting the belly thing going on and finally found some tops that look nice around the rounded belly bump. :) I found if I wear the stretch waist band pants I already had, real low, it seems to work out - w/out having to buy new right now. Just need to get out and find some bigger sports bras or some cheaper bras to get me thru next couple months. Most friends suggested not to buy the nursing bras till much later, so am holding off. I go in for my 16 wk blook work today.



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