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Bumblebee - April 20

sbea - So glad the amnio went well. And the results? Is all good? Did you find out the s_x? I am getting the belly thing going on and finally found some tops that look nice around the rounded belly bump. :) I found if I wear the stretch waist band pants I already had, real low, it seems to work out - w/out having to buy new right now. Just need to get out and find some bigger sports bras or some cheaper bras to get me thru next couple months. Most friends suggested not to buy the nursing bras till much later, so am holding off. I go in for my 16 wk blook work today.


wunder75 - April 20

at 16w3d, I'm fully into maternity clothes now. They're fabulously comfortable. Even low-waisted regular pants no longer work - especially when I'm sitting down. Does anyone else get really nervous right before appointments? I'm only going once a month, and as they get closer I start wondering if everything's ok and what horrible thing will I find out at the next one. Irrational, yes, I know. Also, is anyone feeling much movement? I don't - at least I don't think I do - and it's making me nervous. Even when I think I am, it's over before I realize it, and then I don't feel it again for a few more days. Have an appointment tomorrow, so I know that's why I'm feeling weird about this.


melay86 - April 20

Wunder, I'm totally like that! I don't normally worry until an appointment gets close...I haven't really been able to enjoy hearing the heartbeat or my 10wk ultrasound cuz I was too relieved everything was ok! I'm also into maternity clothes all the time and you're right, they are incredibly comfortable. I'm not feeling any movement either, but my mom said that she didn't feel any of her 3 kids until almost the 5th month, so that made me feel a little better :). Hope your appointment goes well!!


wunder75 - April 20

Thanks! That makes me feel so much better.


sbea - April 21

Hey guys. Bumblebee- I won't know the results for anout week and a half or more. It takes about 2 - 3 weeks to get all the results. As for finding out the s_x of the baby, we don't want to unless there is something wrong (ie Down's). I am in some maternity clothing but my dress pants still fit with an inch or so worth of room. Plus I have larger pair of pants that fit just nice. I can't fit into my old jeans but I fit into my sisters since they are about 4 sizes bigger. Melay/Wunder - I always feel nervous because I don't know what to expect. I actually have gotten bad news at an appointment. Now I am a rare case, mostly because of my age but it wasn't a great feeling. However, I wouldn't worry to much. Before you know it you will realize that you could have enjoyed the pregnancy so much more. I also wonder, is this your first? That might be why I am more nervous, it is the fear of the unknown. I have never done this before. Maybe for the second baby everything will be a lot calmer. Oh I am about 16w5d. I can't believe I am almost 17 weeks already. Time is really flying by! Well i have an appointment next week but I am going to try and get in sooner. I have a wicked cold. I am coughing so bad I am on a mild form of Codeine. If I don't take it I double over in pain because it feels like muscles are splitting wide open. I know I only have 3 day after today until I am done work but I am wondering if I can get Medical leave. that way I don't have to worry about finding work after we move. i will be getting paid to get ready to have this baby. I just keep getting sick and it is a miserable time. I am sure all you know how badly it sucks to be sick and pregnant. I guess I try to stay away from sick people but at work people come to work sick all the time. It drives me nuts. But that is a whole other subject. I must say I am glad that this thread is much more active. But I find it funny that when we were trying to get pregnant and figuring out if we were we were on this site a whole lot more. Talk to you all soon!


mama4andmore - April 22

Hello today everyone. I see there isn't a lot of action going on in here. I hope everyone is well. For me today I am 15 weeks 1 day. I am starting a new job and kind of nervous. I didn't tell them I was pregnant when they hired me and I hoping I can get away with them not knowing for a while. I don't show until I am like 6-7 months pregnant, but that is right around the corner. So hopefully they don't notice.


mama4andmore - April 22

Well I just seen the "next" b___ton where there was a whole lot more to read. Sbea I had to quit my job I had when I first become pregnant because morning sickness was so bad. I am still pretty sick but for the most part my doctor has it controlled with like 4 different medication. I have lost weight like almost 15lbs now since becoming pregnant. I really understand the sick thing. I guess I don't get nervous before appointments anymore because this isn't my first. This will be my 5th baby. From my experience of pregnancy and worry I have found out that usually everything ends up o.k. There is a midwife and author Inna May Gaskin she is great to read for childbirth but also just for general pregnancy and worry. She has wrote a few books and really she is amazing. Take care all.


DiGiacomo - April 22

Hey everyone! I've been following the Oct 09 moms since 1st Trimester but I miscarried my first pregnancy late Dec 08 at 11w6d and was really apprehensive about this one. At 9w1d of this pregnancy I experienced miscarriage symptoms again and found out (over several days, appointments, ultrasounds and another hospital visit) that we lost a twin. I'm due Oct 30, (so I'm now 12w4d) and the baby is growing normal with a strong heartbeat! No morning sickness, but plenty of sporadic nausea (ginger ale and sour candies work for me). I haven't felt any movement, but saw lots at the ultrasounds! I can't fit into any of my normal pants, but I bought a pair of maternity jeans at motherhood and I love them! I've been reading What to Expect When You're Expecting and I have found it very helpful. It's so nice to meet you all and share in your stories.


Dicegirl15 - April 22

Hi everyone! I am seventeen weeks tomorrow and due sometime around October 2nd. Reading your posts I find myself a little bit jealous. I have felt a little bit of movement, but not "bump" yet. I am overweight so I know that is why, but I wish I were showing more. I am sure that in no time I will show and wish that I wasn't hehehe. I hope all is well with everyone, I was on the first tri board for a brief time and wanted to come see how everyone was doing in the second tri. I have an u/s coming up in about three weeks and if we can my husband and I are going to find out the s_x of the baby. Anyone else going to do the same?


munchmom04 - April 22

Hi ladies its nice to see that all is going well with everyone. I joined the first tri board. I am doing well with my pregnancy. I am 13 weeks 1 day, due on October 27th, 2009. I am so excited to be in the second trimester. We had a docs appt on monday because I had some bleeding on Thursday and the doc wanted to see me. I was suppose to go in on Firday, but we were out of town. Come to find out all is well with our little one its just a growing. Heartbeat was stil high in the 168 range. Which I hope is a sure sign that it is a GIRL. It was 170 when I was about 9 0r 10 weeks. But we go in for regular OB checkups every 4 weeks unless we have a problem. Oh yeah the bleeding was not alot it was just the front half of the pantyliner. He said that it must have been from hubby and I having s_x. I was like yeah bc hubby tends to get a little rough, he forgets that I am preggo. He really understands now bc I told him doc said NO s_x. So I am going to make him wait until we go in for the next apt which is May 18th. So that will teach him how to be gentle and not soo rough. LOL. Oh well ladies I hope everything works out for you all. Good Luck to all us October mommys.


sbea - April 22

hey Di- I am sorry to hear about the m/c but I am very excited that you are going to have a little one still! What an amazing thing! I would have to say I still get the nausea and a gag so much. My husband always tells me I sound like I am about to die. So welcome to this thread! Dice- I feel movement sometimes but it isn't everyday. It must happen when the little peanut is touching a certain part of the uterus. I am also 17 weeks. I am due (for now, it has been changed 3 times) Sept 3/Oct 1. So we are due around the same time. The little bump with come soon. I don't really have one yet. I just look like I have put on 15 pounds. Maybe we will "Bump out" together. Muchmom- I am glad everything is all right. But have you considered talking to your husband about be gentler? Or did the Dr actually say no s_x? As for the girl, my baby's heart beat was 153 so by the theory I should be having a girl but according to the Chinese calendar I am having a boy. So in the end we will find out. We are prepared for either and have names picked out for both as well. Well I should go. I hope everyone has a great night.


MNMOM - April 23

Hi Everyone - Munchmom, you and I have the same due date. Is this your first? I don't have a bump yet but like Sbea said I just look like I have put on 15 pounds - ugh!!! I would rather have the cute pregnant look than this! By the way, apparently the heartbeat thing is not reliable because the range of heartbeat for one changes depending on the stage of pregnancy. Also, the Chinese calendar is only 50% accurate. Well this is my third, we are not finding out, and we have not agreed on any names and can't even agree on which room to put our other 2 into and which room to use for the nursery. So those 2 things are minor but are stressing me out. At least we have a project on our hands for the summer, because a__suming I get my way, I want to make the current nursery into the bedroom for the 2 boys because it is bigger. So lots of re-arranging to do! I am kinda rambling here sorry it is early. Is anyone else still tired all the time? I am not feeling sick all the time anymore but am just plain tired all the time. My next appt is not until May 12th! Seems like a long wait (5 weeks btwn appts) to get some rea__surance that everything is still going well in there!


#1bun1977 - April 23

I had the ultrasound on the 20th and my date has been adjusted a bit. New date is Oct 9th. Everything looked great. I have another scheduled for May 28th. We aren't told the s_x here unless we are high risk. They claim that is is a medical tool, not a toy... grrr. I really want to know so I am going to have to go to UC Baby and pay a whole lot to find out. I will get those really neat 3D pictures though and a nice keepsake on disk plus printed pictures, so that's nice. I sympathize will all you out there struggling with the absence of the "bump". Everyone just thinks I am fat. I'm in maternity clothes, but really I do just look fat for the most part. Hopefully soon that will change.


les706 - April 23

DiGiacomo ~ So sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Did you know you were having twins before that? We're due on the same date! I am hoping for a Halloween baby though. Oct 31st is my husband's grandfather's birthday and my stepson was born on my husband's grandmother's birthday so that would be cool. I am not really having any symptoms anymore except peeing all the time. I do have a nice little bump, but it does look like I just ate a few too many donuts. It's hard for me to be gaining weight because of my history of anorexia. I feel really gross, but I hope it will be easier when I actually LOOK pregnant and not just chubby. I can still fit in some of my regular pants, but for most I just use a belly band for comfort. Hubby and I are still debating about finding out the s_x. I want to, he doesn't. I just really don't want to do all greens and yellows. Munchmom ~ glad to see you're back, I was wondering where you were! Haven't seen you on here in a while. I go for my next ob checkup on April 29th and my next ultrasound on May 7th. Then I start my weekly doc visits because I am high risk from weeks 14-26. I am happy to get to see my little bean every other week in ultrasound though. Well hope everyone else is feeling great! Take care ladies!!


sbea - April 23

Mnmom, I feel tired not all the time, but often. I get spurts of energy but I can do with some more. My DH and I are in the middle of moving...I am so glad my mom came out to help. It would be a disaster if she didn't. I have been very sick this week as well, trying to finish up at work and then come home, cook and pack. I should get used to it, but i am just so tired. I am just glad tomorrow is my last day at work! Bun- i hope you eventually figure out the nursery issue. I am sure whatever happens will work out just fine. Les- I am so happy you joined us! I also know how you feel as I have gone through something very similar. I am glad you are recovering. I say recovering because it is an everyday choice to be healthy. I hate looking "fat" but I know I am doing the most loving thing. We are sacrificing our bodies to grow and bring in new life. I know some of us will get our shape back and such. But for 40 weeks our bodies aren't just ours. I don't know about any one you, but being a first time mom I can't believe how much I love this little peanut already. I don't even know them but my heart just swells with love when I rub my belly. And it is a different kind of love with a huge mixture of awe. Well now that I sound slightly crazy...I should stop there. Don't know how much I will be able to reply in the next weeks to come. When I know anything about the anmio I will let you know ASAP, but I don't know when our internet is going down where we are now and when we will be hooked back up after the move. Have a great day!


munchmom04 - April 23

Well ladies I am thinking about givng up on the not having s_x with hubby..... The doc said that it is ok to have s_x, but I was going to make him wait. I told him that he had to be careful and not so rough. He said ok, but he still tends to get a little rough at times. This will be our second. We have a little boy who will be 5 in Sept. We are really wanting a girl, but a boy would be great also. We have names picked out either way. Its funny because I am already starting to show. I lve my lil bump. My son was like mommy your belly is big. I was like yeah, it is the baby is growning. I can hardly fit any of my clothes anymore.



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