October 30 To November 1st Baby

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AP - May 26

Hello Ladies: I am now 17 weeks and I am due some where around 10/30 to 11/01. Any one with me? Please joint the club.


sonia - May 26

hi AP me too my due date is 11/01


SugarHigh - May 26

Yep. October 29th to Novemeber 1st. Looks like we're even. LOL.


SugarHigh - May 26

P.S -- I would like to get screennames for Yahoo messenger or e-mails or something so that we could stay in touch. This is my first baby as well :)


Kelly K - May 26

I'm close. Due November 4th with my first. I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow. I'm just hoping I don't have the baby on Halloween!


Julie - May 26

Me too. I am 17 weeks (18 tomorrow) and my due date is Oct 28.


Jessica - May 26

I am due on NOV 1ST and this is my first I am so excited!!! I hit 18wks on may 31st. And like Kelly K I also don't want my baby on halloween!


Tammy - May 26

I am due on Oct. 28th. My two other children were born on Oct 29th, and Oct 31st. Would love to keep in touch.


lisa - May 26

i am due oct.30 also.


Kylie - May 27

Yep i am due 10/31, and can not wait. Hey can you guys feel movement and how big are you all? Thanks


emma - May 27

I am due on Nov 1.


To SugarHigh - May 27

First of all thanks to all ladies who joint the club. This is my second baby. Have you all had your second u/s yet? Anything interesting? Have you find out the s_x organ? Let me know!


Jessica - May 27

I haven't had a second ultrasound yet.....:( I want to find out wheter its a girl or boy. I am gonna ask for a u / s in July. the only cool thing is I felt my baby flip flop this morning!!!! First one I've felt!


Julie - May 27

I had an U/S at around 16 weeks but due to the position of the baby they couldn't see as much as they would have liked. I will probably be going for another in a month so they can have another look, so maybe we'll find out the s_x then too!


Tammy - May 27

I am in maternity clothes for the most part. I have my ultrasound on June 15th. I had an amnio so I already know that I am having my second boy. My stomach is starting to stick out more now. I love to plant flowers and work outside. I am trying to get all of this done beofore it gets too tough bending down and such.


Kylie - May 28

I am having my next u/s on 7th june and for something different i have Placenta previa, and not just alittle bit covering its right in the middles blocking all of the entry. but we will have another look at it on 7th june.


vickie - May 28

Hi, im 17 weeks, and im due on the 31st oct...halloween! interesting... :P



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