October Babys

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aisha1077 - May 12

anyone else expecting their babys in october 2011.


b__terfly_kisses - May 12

Ok, finally found it. I'm losing my technology touch these days. I'm now 15.5 weeks and felt the baby move for sure the day before I turned 15 weeks! Haven't felt it since but am excited to feel it again. I'm feeling great overall!


aisha1077 - May 13

hello b___terfly kisses its a great feeling feeling the baby move for the 1st time i feel my baby moving about more and more each day now and getting stronger each day im 18 weeks 3 days today. i have managed to put my back out somehow last week absolute agony other than that im feeling great is anyone planning to find out the s_x of their baby at the next scan i will be 20 weeks at my next scan and i am really hoping that the baby is not shy to show us what s_x it is.... i am really hoping for a girl but have a feeling its another boy either way as long as its healthy i wont mind xx


shleesme - May 13

I remember back from weeks 4 to 13, my pregnancy seemed to go at a snails pace just because I was so terrified of miscarriage. But now that I am more then 18.5 weeks it's actually starting to pick up and move a lot quicker. Maybe because I am not thinking about miscarriage anymore or I have a belly now to show that gets bigger with each pa__sing week, or maybe just because I have gotten used to the fact that I am pregnant and almost half way done, wow already ? lol We have our scheduled 18 to 20 week ultrasound on the 20th so in 1 week and we're so excited to finally see the baby on a screen since the last time I saw it I was only 6 weeks 6 days and its was just a a white speck with a little heart beating. Now I will see a little person in there! I feel it kick mostly in the evenings, I am sure I feel it throughout the day but it's still a little hard to differentiate from gas at times, I would describe it as bubbles poking my stomach 5 or 6 times and then stopping and usually half an hour after I eat something. This is my first baby and the first pregnancy I made it past 7 weeks so I am in heaven right now with everything that goes along with the second trimester. Anyway glad you're all doing well and hope to hear from more of you as well!


shleesme - May 13

hey girls, I just need a little advice, this really isn't pregnancy related but it still has to do with my baby. I have a friend that I finds buys peoples love and then expects it back in return and if you can't give it back she gets really upset. Anyway she told me she wants to buy us something really expensive like the baby's crib. Right away I told her no because to me and my husband thats really intimate and the grandparents wanted to buy it and it's just too much. But her and her husband are going through major money problems right now (i know because she tells me they can't even buy milk and bread) and she still insists on spending hundreds of dollars maxing out their credit cards. I feel very uncomfortable with this idea because I know if the tables were turned I wouldn't spend that kind of money on someone that wasn't family and I would feel greatly indebted to them which I don't like. Do you think I should say something because I really don't want them going broke later and then possibly resenting us because they can't eat for that month. Sometimes people are too giving?


b__terfly_kisses - May 13

Yes Aisha, feeling movement is the best feeling next to actually holding your newborn baby!! I can't wait to feel it some more! My first born was a girl and I am really hoping for a boy this time...most everyone around me thinks it is a boy but I'm just not so sure. I will be happy either way! By the way, sorry to hear about your back...I know how that is and it's miserable! I hope you feel better soon. Shleesme, regarding your question, I would just let her know that you totally appreciate the sentiment but that you just truly aren't comfortable accepting that large of a gift from a friend. I wouldn't bring up the fact that they are having a hard time financially so that you don't make her feel bad. Maybe just tell her that the baby's grandparents already offered to buy one for you and that you already accepted the offer. I hope that helps!


meme1212 - May 15

Hello everyone!!!! I finally found you guys. I am 17wks2days today and feeling great. I finally can eat and I changed doctors two weeks ago and I feel so much better about my decision to do the change. I love my doctor now. The baby is doing fine and growing right on schedule. They changed my due date to October 21st to 23rd but not much of a difference. I learned I might be having a girl!!! Not 100% sure yet but we will see after another U/S later on in my pregnancy. I have felt flutters from the baby but nothing hard yet. I can't wait to really feel her go. I am glad to hear that each of you are doing well also. Aisha I am sorry to hear about your back I hope it gets better soon!!


sbea - May 21

Well I had my u/s today and it went well. We didn't find out the gender. So I have a few more months until I find out. It was a great day over all. I am starting to gain weight finally! Well I am pretty tired. I had a long day yesterday and no nap and then today was busy and no nap. So I am feel a bit run down.


shleesme - May 21

Hey girls, So we had our ultrasound finally! It's a GIRL! The ultrasound went fairly well and we got some pictures of her. But man my bladder was so full and the tech had to push that remote thing on my belly sometimes pretty hard and I thought I was going to burst but it was well worth it. sbea thats good your putting on a little weight now, I never really had that problem sometimes I think unfortunatly seeing how I gained about 15 pounds so far YEESH! I wasn't overweight before my BMI was at 22 but I didn't expect to gain that much that quickly, but the doctor wasn't really upset because I am already half way through my pregnancy, I just want to gain the pregnancy limit, but I won't be too upset if I go over a smidge. Anyway if you girls find out what your having be sure to post it on here. And congrats meme1212 looks like we're having little girls together!


b__terfly_kisses - May 21

Congrats shleesme! I can't remember...is this your first baby? I cannot wait to find out the s_x of our baby! We have a three year old girl already so we are crossing our fingers for a boy! I have a regular appointment next Tuesday and at that point we will schedule the gender determination U/S for the next couple of weeks. Sbea, I'm sorry you weren't able to find out the gender...was the baby turned the wrong way? I'm hoping that doesn't happen to us! That would drive me crazy! Not that it truly changes anything either way but it's still so much fun knowing!


aisha1077 - May 25

well im having a boy and im still really upset as i was really hoping for a girl this time.... good luck ladies hope ur pregnancy goes well,,,,,


b__terfly_kisses - May 28

Hi Aisha! Congrats on finding out the s_x! Sorry to hear that you are disappointed. :( Are you feeling any better about the news?


aisha1077 - October 17

Anyone still using this post??? Has everyone had their baby's now I was induced a week early on the 5th of oct due to gestational diabetes they kept telling me my baby was huge above the 95th centile line and to expect a 10 lb baby ..... He was 6lb 2oz fit and healthy hope everyone is doing ok xx


shleesme - October 17

Hi everyone, No I haven't used this forum in forever!!! I started using babygaga.com since it's a lot more active then this forum. I had my baby on October 3rd and it was a girl, we named her Anya Marie. I had her naturally, my water broke at 3 Am while I was up for one of my many pee breaks during the night. She is now 2 week old. My pregnancy was awesome with no complications and the birth experience was excellent. I had an epi and pushed her out in 20 minutes. Anyway if anyone wants to keep in contact sign up on babygag.com and look me up, my user name is "Anya's mama".


shleesme - October 17

sorry, babygaga.com not babygag lol


beautifulpackage - March 19

I'm due Oct 6, 2012....I'm almost 12 weeks preggo....very excited! Congrats on your babies!! I have a 12 year old daughter...so dont really care what it is as long as its healthy although I'm more familiar with girls LOL


Shonda550 - June 11

No I haven't used this forum in forever!!!



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