October Moms Look Here Please

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Newhoneybuns - May 20

Hello October moms i am one of them too. Due October 17 and i was wondering if anyone would wanna chat besides the forums. If so then here is my email adress for those who might want to. And i have msn messenger. [email protected] By the way my name is Natacha :)


Mandy1984 - May 20

hey I'm due October 9th, My msn is [email protected] :) My name is Amanda


ThePezChick - May 20

I'm due Oct. 5th. I'd love to compare stories/experiences with some of you. My email address is [email protected] I don't have msn, but I have Yahoo and AIM. Hit me up.... Oh, I'm Thai by the way.


Newhoneybuns - May 22

Thanks mandy i added u and Pez i'm still working on trying to find yahoo messenger stored on one of my cd's downloading it would take me a while as i have dial up but i'm keeping your adress near :)


Ashleyg - May 22

hey there all! i am due Oct 6th! are you feeling any movement yet? i have not and it is starting to make me a bit nervous...


ThePezChick - May 22

Ashley, I'm due Oct 5th and starting feeling my little one on Mother's Day. Don't worry. You'll feel him/her. It feels like a little tap coming from inside or... as they say... a bubble popping. Let me know how it goes.


gonnabamommi - May 23

I am due October 18 and I find out what I am having on tomorrow!!!! I only have yahoo messenger and my name is thickestchik01 (it's from high school!). I would love to chat with any of you ladies at any time! I might just go and get msn messenger because so many people have it!


jenrodel - May 25

Hey ThePezChick.... I am due on October 5th too!! Congrats to all of you ladies on your October babies :)


Newhoneybuns - May 25

gonnabamommi good idea to get msn messenger :p it's the only one i have lol cause i'm on dial up and it takes me forever to download anything =\


SuzieQ - May 26

I'm due Oct 1st and my msn is [email protected] I would love to hear from other mom's :)


eyes82000 - May 26

Hello everyone! I'm due Oct. 17th and just found out on Monday that I'm having a boy! I have a five year old son already so he is very excited to have a baby brother.


alwaysamber - May 26

I am due October 27th. My e-mail is [email protected]


jessicadru - May 27

Hey everyone.. I am due Oct 14th. It would be so nice to talk with ladies who are going through the pregnancy stuff. I am the first in my family and just moved away from everyone to nc, so this would be great. My email is [email protected]


Ashleyg - May 28

hey all, i am still not feeling any movement...what the heck?


charliepaulchloe - May 31

Ashley u probably are feeling movement just not distinguishing it from normal movements such as belly rumbling, im 20wks due 18th october and ive been feeling it since about 14wks, if its ur first it may take longer. Hey newhunny i belive its a girl congrates!!!! xxx


Deirdra - May 31

Im due October 27th...and my email is [email protected]


Newhoneybuns - June 2

yes charlie it's a girl :)



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