October Moms Look Here Please

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Newhoneybuns - June 2

yes charlie it's a girl :)


DakotasMom - June 2

I'm due October 27th with my second. If anyone wants to chat my e-mail is [email protected]


jessicajo - June 5

I am due October 22 my email is [email protected] and i am had an amnio due to high levels on quad screen ultrasound showed that everything is okay but i am scared i am still awaiting results. She is a girl and We did pick a name it is Khaciah which is a greek name and means immortal and ressurection.


meganm - June 8

Hey ladies. I'm 19 weeks, due October 31, first child and first time on this site. My girlfriend forced me to get on it. Have first ultrasound in two weeks. What it the weight gain like out there?


meganm - June 8

hey jessicadru, I just moved to NC away from all my family too. I'm from CT, but I am also the first to have a baby on both my side of the fam and my husbands also. I also can't seem to find a job. I guess no one wants to hire a 5 month pregnat woman- oh well. how far along are you?


Rebekah B - June 8

Meganm: I didn't force you to do anything...and I'm not your friend...Just kidding :) you girls be nice to my friend. I'm a September Mommy, so I won't intrude.


jessicadru - June 8

meganm. I am also 5 months along, due oct. 14. I gave up on the job serch and went back to being a preschool teacher. Your right, no one wanted to hire a pregnant women. I was really trying to get away from that though. I just graduated from IU universitiy, so finding an career was improtant. Well i guess my priorities changed. What part of NC do you live in. I am in the Raleigh area! I love it.


meganm - June 8

jessicadru, I'm In Ft Bragg, my husband is active duty Army. I find this area to be a little slower than I'm used to, but we came from CA, so I think the pace will be nice for starting a family. I used to be a high school teacher for a private school in CT. I'd love to get back to it after the baby is born, but I'm not certified so i'd have to look at private schools. -But that's a long way off. Have you had an iunlrasound yet? Are you going to find out what you are having? I'm the first one of my close friends to have a baby, so they are of no help whatsoever. Are you feeling lots of movement? Mine just started about a week ago and has not stoped since.


concreteredd - June 9

Hey...Hope all is well.. I am due Oct.4th witj my 1st boy....have three girls already..my email is [email protected] ....Megan


Rebekah B - June 9

Megan: Matt said that was not a very nice thing to say to my little preggo friend. Soooo sorry! I think I am so funny sometimes. XOXO R


jessicadru - June 9

meganm, I am not sure where fort brag is. Yes we found out that we are having a girl!!! I am so excited. Whats weird is that me and two of my close friends got pregnant within two weeks of eachother. That really makes me miss Indiana, but that is really the only reason i miss that state. Well I am here if you want to talk about anything, we are due around the same time. I started feeling movement about a week ago also. She kicks really hard. and it feels as if she likes to get right under my ribs when i am eating!!!


meganm - June 9

That's great. I think I'm having a girl also. Any names yet? My tummy is still under mt belly b___ton so there's no kicking of the ribs yet, but I'm sure it will happen soon. See I'm pretty tall so I'm not really that big yet and people can't tell that I'm pregnant. It still looks like I've eaten a big lunch, so I can't wait till I get a little bigger and it will be more obviuos to the world that I'm not crazy and moody- I'm just pregnant.


Sanders - June 12

Hi ladies i am due Oct.6 i am having my first girl after three boys!!:)


Betul - June 12

Hi Sanders and other october mommies, I am finally having a girl too after 5 sons! I am due October 6th too. We are all so excited.


cmfqueens - June 12

Hello! I'm due October 31st. With baby number 2 who we just found out was another girl. I already have a 7.5 year old. [email protected]


meganm - June 12

congrats cmfqueens. I'm also due October 31. It's my first. We find out next week what the s_x of the baby is. Have you picked out a name? I'm finding this to be one of the hardest things I've ever done.



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