October Moms Look Here Please

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Rebekah B - June 16

Here Kitty Kitty


meganm - June 16

You know, If nothing else, you make me laugh and that's why I like you!


Rebekah B - June 16

MeganM: I'm sure the "if nothing else" part should be bold and in big letters. I thought I should tell you that...oop, I'll be right back...gotta go take care of some "burning" issues.


KLT - June 16

meganm - If a bottle of wine when you come home makes you an alcoholic...i'm in trouble...I asked for a case of Corona's. I'm already lining up my free drinks from my friends who rub it in that they are going out for happy hour each week... they say I'll owe you a drink as I sulk and go home to a gla__s of milk. Don't think i'm not keeping tabs...


MyFirst - June 16

I never realized how much I would miss drinking. Does the fact that I still crave an apply martini after 6 months make me a total alcoholic? Oh well. I chew A LOT of chewing gum these days.


KLT - June 19

Well they say chewing alot of gum brings on the farting... heh heh....


charliepaulchloe - June 19

Just to let u all know I have had my proper scan today and it is a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im made up and my daughter chloe is so excited took her with me so could keep her involved. Due date still the same.


MyFirst - June 21

Do any of you experience pain in the area around the bottom of your belly? I am 25 weeks and just started having this...from reading internet things it says it could be "round ligament pain"? Should I go to the doctor?


KLT - June 21

MyFirst : here , read this: http://www.babycenter.com/refcap/pregnancy/prenatalhealth/205.html


meganm - June 23

Just had ultrasound and it's a BOY!!!!! I was totally wrong, I thought it was a girl. But he flash us as soon as he was on the screen!


KLT - June 23

Yay!! Congrats! I thought for sure I was having a boy...but I got a girl. Funny how things work huh? : )


meganm - June 23

I think the fact that everyone thought I was having a girl and it turned out to be a boy made it more exciting. I didn't sleep at all last night and I'm too excited to take a nap. . .for sure I'm going to crash!


jessicadru - June 25

meganm, I am so excited for you. It seems a little more real once you the s_x! OK ladies am I freaking out too much. Durning the 33 to 36 week of my pregnancy, which falls in early sept., my husband has to go out of town. He owns his own business and puts on a fiesta every year back on our home town. He also has two conferences that he has to attend while he is there. There is no possible way that he can get out of it. I thougt about going with him but I have to work and the fear that something could happen when i was there. He is driving and it takes 12 hours. I know it is hard to say but what are my chances of going into labor a month early. I just don't want him to miss. The other thing is, is that i just moved about 5 months ago and do not know very many people here. The closest to me is my sisiter and mom who live 5 hours away. I need help calming my nerves or something. It just sucks that there is no way of getting around it. Any words of encouragment? Thanks


meganm - June 25

Jessicadru- Yeah it really does seem more real to call the baby him instead of it/baby. But as far as your situation goes the odds of you going into labor a month early, esp if you have had a healthy pregnancy thus far are slim. AND even if you were to start contractions the doctors would do everything to slow things down. Stressing out about it (which is easier said than done) will only complicate things and maybe cause more harm than good. Besides, if you went home with him do you know how many times you would have to stop to go the bathroom on a 12 hr drive? So not worth it. Just tell him to be on standby- a 12 hr deive is only a 2hr plane ride!


jessicadru - June 27

meganm- Thank y ou so much for your advice. You are right, the more I stress over it the more upset I get and I know it is not good for anyone! And your right, the 12 hour drive would be more like 24 hours if I went. I also wouldn't have doctor there. Anyway I really needed to hear that it will be ok because my sister is freaking out too which does not help. Thank you!!!!!



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