Odd Pains

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sarah21 - September 28

I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced some strange pains on the sides of your pelvis. It almost feels like I can feel my uterus stretching the ligaments and pulling on them. It feels similar to when I ovulate-- like it's around the same location. I feel fine sitting but it is uncomfortable when I am standing or walking. Am I just weird?


Stephanie_31 - September 28

It is funny that you mention it cause I was just having the same type of pain. Mine is under my expanding belly, just above my right pelvic bone. It has been on and off all day.


sarah21 - September 28

Yep. Sometimes it's just above my belly, too. Kinda moves around a bit. I guess it's just growing. I can sure see it growing!


cayingo - September 29

Sounds liek the round ligament pain we're told about. AS you'e uterus grows the round ligaments that support it stretch causing uncomfortable aches and pains. Try not to move too quickly or too full-motion. I notice them when I sneeze, get up too quickly or tunr over in bed. I have to say though they aren't nearly as bad w/ this pg as they were w/ my 1st. I guerss things are more stretched out already. :)


sarah21 - October 1

Yeah I researched it over the weekend and it's just growing pains. My sides were so tender to the touch though that it kinda worried me. Better today though.


KMcDougall - October 6

I have been having these too the last couple of days, mainly only when i walk though. I am 27w


jojomac - October 10

Oh, yes, get them all the time. I read about it in my prego book, and it is ligaments stretching. I felt at ease after I read that.


BrendensMommy - October 11

Yep - I've had them too. I actually called a nurse today and said "I just need someone to tell me it's normal". (I recently had a friend go through a miscarriage, so every pain I experience is intensified in my mind...). She laughed at me and told me that it was perfectly normal and to only be concerned if I all of a sudden start vomitting, bleeding and having serious back pains. Definitely eased my mind. Sometimes I love my doctor's office - I'd go crazy if they weren't so patient with me!


pomny143 - October 11

I had the same issue for the past two days. It feels like someone is tugging on my abdomen, right near my ovaries. OUCH!


Gemini_Girl - October 12

im 23wks and have that down at my pelvis area at both sides its soo sore when walking! spoke to my GP who said its ligaments stretching, my midwife today told me if it gets really bad then some physio therapy maybe required



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