Off Balance

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KristinaHold - March 21

I'm 12 and a half weeks pregnant and for the last week or so I've been feeling off balance. It's really started to scare me! I won't be able to see a doctor for another 2 weeks and my only choice right now would be to go to the ER if something seems wrong. I've already been there once for heart palpitations but my heart and bloodwork came back fine and I also had an ultrasound and everything was fine. I just feel horrible and feel like I'm gonna die or something! My vision isn't blurry at all but its been hard to concentrate on things or what I read. What is going on??? Thanks in advance!


JenniferB - March 21

KristinaHold, I had the same problem this morning. I was often faint feeling or lightheaded during my first pregnancy. It is pretty normal and I was told that it is due to the increased blood supply in your body. However, high or low blood sugar can make you feel pretty c___ppy. I don't really know what may be causing your heart palpitations though. Did they check your blood pressure? Your vision also can change during pregnancy, that is why they say not to get a new prescription for gla__ses while you are pregnant because it may change. If I feel that I am really sick my doctor will see me right away. It surprises me how many doctors won't. If you are feeling really sick, I would go to the ER. You know your own body better than anyone. Just keep in mind that it might just be the not so pleasant side effects of pregnancy so try not to worry too much. I hope you feel better. Let us know how you make out.


KristinaHold - March 21

Thanks Jennifer... I did have my blood pressure taken a few days ago when I wasn't feeling to well at a clinic where I took my son for a TB test. I just asked the nurse real fast to take it and she said it was normal. Maybe it is just my blood sugar or increased blood supply. But is it increased that much at only 12 weeks?? I can at times be kind of a hypochondriac lol.. so maybe thats it too ; ) My off balance feeling also seems to come at night more to when I'm tired...


Cendy - March 22

Hi KristinaHold! I had this same problem about three weeks ago. I woke up and when I got out of bed I almost fell backwards. On the way to the shower, could hardly walk straight. I thought I was just sleepy and the shower would wake me up. Well, the dizziness lasted pretty much all day. I called my OB and she told me to call her the next time it happened. A few days later the same syptoms came back. The time I went in for blood work and to get a check up. I was about 9 weeks then. The doctor told me that I had double inner ear infections causing my vertigo, dizziness and blurred vision. She put me on antibiotics and intervert. The intervert just puts me to sleep, but the antibiotics did the trick. My blood work came out fine. I would call my OB and see if they could check your ears. I hope you get to feeling better. BABY DUST!



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