Officially In Maternity Clothes Who Else

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AmyB - June 3

well i had to go out today and buy maternity clothes..i officially can not wear anything of mine but warm up pants....anyone else...i am 19 weeks today so i guess almost 5 months thats pretty good? anyhow kinda excited b/c i look pregnant in them instead of the just "getting fat" just wanted to see when everyone else entered the joy of maternity


HannahBaby - June 3

19 weeks is only about 4 months one week. I sometimes still wear my regular jeans but they are not that comfortable anymore so i wear my mat. pants most of the time. Im 21 weeks and have gained 1 lb


emilymalm - June 3

I'm 21 weeks and have been in full maternity for a month now. By 16 weeks, nothing fit and it was humiliating to wear my prepreg clothing. I have gained 10 pounds so far. I can still wear my old sweatpants but that's it.


GraceRenee - June 4

I am wearing a mixture of regular and maternity. The lowrise jeans now a days give us quite a bit of extra time in our regular clothes. I still have a couple of regular pants and a few shirts I can wear. I am 20 weeks 2 days today.


Kristin72 - June 4

HannahBaby, I thought 20 weeks was 5 months..or are your taking off the first 2 weeks before conception?..I would still say she is approaching her 5th month..but I guess different people say different time frames as do certain docs.. Btw..I am in my 16th week...I have not gained any weight..however, I had a missed miscarriage at the end of Dec '05 where I gained 12 pounds and never lost for my current pregnancy..I fell pregnant 2 cycles post D&C.


HannahBaby - June 4

i say 20 weeks is 4.5 months. my doctors said that 20 weeks is half way to 40, and 4.5 months is half way to 9. Maybe she takes off the 2 weeks?


lin7604 - June 4

i am 21w 2 days and i am mixing and mingeling my clothes. I can still wear 2 pairs of my low rise jeans and my tank tops, but other wise i am slowly getting in mat clothes. I have put on 7 pounds as of today, and my belly really started to pop out this week.


soontobe6 - June 4

i been in maternity clothes since i was 2 months.i am pregant with 6th baby so i showed alot faster.i gained 26 lbs so far.i am 25wks


AmyB - June 4

i consider it 5 months? i mean we are actually pregnant for 10 months ..i dunno my doc said next week is my 5 month ckeck up so? i say i am 5 months on 20 weeks...congrats soon to be 6...thats a heavy load, what are their ages?


Perl - June 4

I agree 20 weeks is 5 months too--5 lunar months. At least that's how one of the more popular pregnancy journals counts it as well as a calendar/magazine I received from my OB's office. I guess that's why it's easier to reference the number of weeks instead because it can get confusting. Anyway, I'm in my 16th week, have gained weight then lost some so I'm 5 pounds over pre-pregnancy weight, however my waistline will not fit into my pre-pregnancy pants and my b___sts are too large for my old bras. Some of my skirts still fit but I've bought some skirts with stretchy waistbands and bigger bras. I will be strictly in maternity clothes very soon.


San_dee - June 5

yeah its 5 months, they actually say if you go by months your pregnant for 9 1/2 months, so i guess they take the 2 weeks off, i guess thats why they prefer to use weeks instead less confusion. Btw im 15 wks and been in maternity clothes for 4 wks now


HannahBaby - June 5

wow ladies calm down on this whole month to weeks ratio.......


scarlett - June 5

Started wearing maternity clothes 'fully' when I was about 3mths preg. Btw 20 weeks = 5 months. I'm 19w2d today =)


venus_in_scorpio - June 5

Amy - Iam 16 weeks and I have a few maternity shirts. I love them because they cover my gut, im not showing any baby yet. Motherhood has such flattering clothes. I have 2 pairs of maternity jeans in a small but the belly part is still too loose for me. I want to buy 1 more pair of "normal" jeans in a bigger size to accommodate my slight weight gain before i dive into maternity jeans. Love the empire waisted shirts tho!!!!! As for the weeks and months thing, I wouldn't try to convert ladies. 20 weeks IS TECHNICALLY 5 months but the "weeks" method of measuring pregnancy is technically going from your last period which is around 2 weeks before you actually conceived, and the months method is if you know when you actually concieved. SO... id say pick one and stay with it it's easier. 20 weeks is indeed the halfway point!!! almost there!!! :o)


AmyF - June 5

Hi! I'm 20 weeks now and I've been in maternity clothes since I was 9-10 weeks preggo. I can still sort of wear some of my regular tops, but my regular pants are just tucked away like my winter clothing right now.


CKSAN - June 5

this is my second child. I went into full b__wn maternity at 14 weeks.


squished - June 5

I'm 18w and just the other day I bought my first pair of maternity shorts. I've bought some empire waisted shirts from Old Navy that look awesome and I can still wear my low rise jeans. I just really started to poke out in the last week or so and I haven't gained much weight yet so I don't know how that is happening :)



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