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Katz - February 8

For those that do not know me from the 1st Tri board, I am 13 weeks today, expecting my 3rd little one, I have two daughters 7 and almost 5 and they are thrilled for this baby. So are we, of course! SO happy to be in the 2nd Tri, I had very bad nausea and severe dizziness in the 1st but it got really bad one day last week and has been gone since! Can't say I miss it all that much! lol So, h__lo to all of you!!!!


aliciavr6 - February 8

Welcome to 2nd tri, glad the dizziness got better, sounds so much like mine, just went away for the most part around 13w or so.


pueppschen - February 8

congratulations !!!!


Katz - February 8

Thanks! I am so happy, I can't wait to find out what we are having! We are finding out April 5th, I think!


c_baer19 - February 8

Hey Katz, welcome to the 2nd Tri! =) I remember seeing you post on the 1st tri boards. I'll be 17 weeks on Monday though, so I'm a couple weeks ahead of you - ultrasound March 9th. Congrats!


Katz - February 8

Thank you! and congratulations!!!


jessicaspatherapist - February 8

welcome to the second tri Katz....its all much easier over here...lol....so you have about 12 weeks to relax :)


krnj - February 8

Hi Katz, congrats to you!!


ophelia73 - February 9

Welcome to the second trimester! Isn't it a great feeling?


Katz - February 9

Thanks everyone!! I am LOVING the second trimester. I overdid it yesterday, I deep cleaned my ENTIRE house..... I had too much energy and the house was driving me crazy(didn't do much cleaning for the 1st tri.) but now my house is clean, I am a little sore but happy! I feel much better in a clean house. Now as long as this energy keeps up, hopefully I can keep it that way!! LOL Thanks for the welcome!


lily10 - February 9

Welcome Katz!! I'm so glad you are feeling better.


Faye84 - February 9

welcome katz!! and congrats on your pregnancy!


squished - February 9

Hey Katz! I remember seeing you on the 1st tri boards....and welcome! I know what you mean about the clean house. The first day that I felt good I did the same thing and then I fell asleep at 7 o'clock! You feel so good some days that you definetly overdo it.


suze42 - February 9

Hey Katz, I also remember you from 1st tri boards...CONGRATS! Glad youre feeling a little better.



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