OH God No Doctor Called With Test Results Please Read

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Kira_lynn - July 7

So as some of you know i have had bleeding throughout this pregnancy because of a subcrohnic bleed. Doctors arnt worried about it as its much smaller each u/s. Well i decided to do the IPS screening. (u/s, then bloodwork, then more bloodwork later) The doctor called back ( iknew something was wrong) and said that the downs syndrome was perfect (notta) but the Spina Bifida one came back with my chances being 9/10 (f*ck). She said that its probably because of the bleeding, as it can give a false positive. So she booked me for monday for a u/s to check it out (best way to check she says). So now im freaking [email protected][email protected]@! Im only 21 and this shouldnt be happening. Stupid IPS screening, stupid bleeding.... Anyyyone had a false positive on the spina bifida screening/??????


HannahBaby - July 7

The screening is a joke. There are so many falso positives with those tests that i refused to have it. So many women get FP and worry themselves sick until they know for sure. Please dont get yourself all upset im sure its nothing.


Kira_lynn - July 7

Thanks HannahBaby! I've had 4 u/s and nothing looked suspious to them then..even the last u/s that was for the IPS looked fine (neck thickness perfect). Thank goodness i have to work this weekend. Keep my mind of it.


Lilu - July 7

How far are you?


venus_in_scorpio - July 7

i refused the screening for that reason. a close friend of mine was told "your child WILL have spina bifida" because of those stupid tests and after 4 months of heartache and preparing to live with a disability and possibly lose their baby... SHE GAVE BIRTH TO A HEALTHY BABY GIRL. ahhh!! I feel SOOOOOOO bad for you.... good luck I am sure the u/s will show otherwise and the bleed probably DID cause a false positive.


Kira_lynn - July 7

17weeks on Monday.


ThePezChick - July 7

Sending good vibes your way for a healthy baby!!!!


tryingx3 - July 7

We'll be thinking of you...what a weekend! Why does this stuff have to happen when you have THINKING time. I work with a guy whose son was born with spina bifida and they didn't even know it...was detected by physician...spinal column was partially closed and they were able to repair with surgery - he is perfectly healthy ACTIVE toddler!


Kira_lynn - July 7

Ok this is pretty frustrating. I just found this information on webMD. The AFP level is measured in the woman's blood to estimate the 'risk' of the baby having a NTD. However, its accuracy can be affected by many factors that can give an abnormally 'high' AFP result including: Early pregnancy bleeding, that continues into the 2nd trimester. I think i just might flip out on my obgyn on monday. I wouldnt have done this test if i had know that. I still have bleeding and they know that too. Stupid doctors.


littlemama1022 - July 7

My midwife told me not to do the AFP until I was anywhere from 19-21 weeks. She said under 19 weeks, a lot of false positives are reported. I got mine done at 20 weeks and a few days and every thing came back fine. I am now 33 weeks and READY


tndrlvn - July 7

Hi kira, I hope all works for you hun, but think postive, even though the child may have spinal bifida, doesn't mean the worst case, my niece was born with spinal bifida, we found out at birth she had it adn was flown to Vancouver Children's hospital, i know there is a little more expense to having a child with a disability, but honeslty my niece, if you saw her sitting on the floor you wouldn't know anything was wrong with her. she is cheerful, happy kid. and now 16 years old. She leads a normal life, pretty much, accept that she is paralized from the waist down. i know it isn't something that you want for your child, but just because it is spinal bifida, doesn't mean down syndrome, where they can not do anything for themselves. I hope this sort of reasures you that it can be ok. My neice is in Wheel chair basketball, and loves it, she has a boyfriend, she goes out with her friends and everything. I just wanted to let you know life isnt' over becuase of spinal bifida........I love my niece to death.........just promise me you will work with your child. that is one thing my sister did not do as she felt sorry for her, but she needed someone to push her a little so maybe she could be walking a bit better with her canes. She can walk, just not long far distances and very top heavy now. man that girl has b___bs. haha and big hands from pushing her wheel chair. She baby sits. and everything. so please keep a postive mind with it as well, and i hope it is just a false positive, but either way, life isnt' over, it is still just beginning Take care and Congrats on your pregnancy


Kira_lynn - July 7

Thanks tndrlvn, I know its not the end. Its just upsetting to hear that your child might not be as healthy as others. After reading so much about the testing and everything im not to worried.


tryingx3 - July 7

We elected NOT to test due to high chance of false positives. Take care.


dueJan1607 - July 8

We didn't take the IPS test either, because they make you so scared. I know of 4 people of whose baby the doctor said it would have 5% of being "normal" but they all ended up having healthy babies. My sister inlaw bled a lot during her pregnancy and her doctor suggested to her to abort it. She kept the baby and they now have a healthy girl that just turned 11. I would ignore that 9/10 chance and wait until you get results from your ultrasound. Keep us updated. Best wishes!


tndrlvn - July 8

Hi Kira, i totally understand your feeling, i hope i didn't come accross wrong there. I know i would feel the same way, I was just trying to shed a little happy light to you. I havne't gotten to the point of the IPS screening, I'm not sure what i want to do in that. I am scared myself because it has happened in my family, plus m/c later in pregnancy.....I just saw how upset you were and tried to make it a little easier. I hope i didn't offend you in anyway. That totally wasn't my intention. I hope all is well with you. and yes as others have said please keep us posted.



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