Ok I Just Exploded

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mommybabyboy21 - February 17

I felt like I only had a pooch for soooo long at 20 weeks, and no one could tell I was pregnant, except family and close friends, I could still button my jeans...granted it was uncomfortable, ie why I bought the belly band, but I could still do it. I am now 24 weeks and I can't even pull the jeans over my hips to use the belly band. I am afraid the baby book said in the last few months you will double you belly...please tell me I read that wrong I don't think I could walk if my belly grew twice as large as it is now. And boy is my son ever active now...he is constantly moving I swear he is having soccer games in there and partys, playing slip and slide...its like he is on one side of my stomach and moves to the other. I am only 6 months officlly tomorrow and I am afraid of what 9 months will feel like or 8 months going in to 9. I need to fine more maternity clothes...the problem is I am soooo tall its still hard to find jeans...I found one pair of overalls...Well at least I am in Ca and winter is pratically gone...its already 80 today. Maybe I could just wear shorts for the rest of the pregnancy. Anyways experience moms tell me I wont double in size.???..I also feel like I gain 15 pounds in 4 weeks...I'll find out for sure on Wed. I don't own a scale at home...and my next dr appointment is on wed...the sugar diabites one yeck.


c_baer19 - February 17

I have a similar question lol, I am a first-timer and have a very small frame, I'm only almost 18 weeks, just started showing a little bit, and I feel like my stomach is getting HUGE already! I can already wear the maternity pants without them falling down or anything, I just can't imagine how much bigger I'm going to get! I was slightly on the underweight side prepregnancy, and now have already gained almost 10 pounds, which seems to be a lot more than most people!


mamaof3 - February 17

I'm sorry to say this girls but you gain most of your weight between months 6-9. I have 3 boys and I was borderline under weight pre-pregnancy with all 3 of them and I gained a good 50lbs total each pregnancy. The last 2 months are sooo uncomfortable, I had to sit up staight or lay back slightly to be just a little comfy. But then again I hear of people just gaining 25-30lbs total. Food just looks so good when I'm pregnant and I'm a small girl 5"3 and about 110lb pre-pregnancy.


rjrmi - February 20

Talk about exposion! I am 17.5 weeks and I have only gained 6 lbs up until yesterday. I weighed myself today and I had gained 10! 4 pounds in one day!! I am hoping that the soup I had yesterday had alot of salt in it or something...I can't handle 4 pounds a day!!


rjrmi - February 22

Ha ha. Update on my last post there. It turns out our scale was bumped into or something and was set ahead 3 lbs! Oops!


mommybabyboy21 - February 22

update I had my 6 month check up yesterday and at every check up I usually gain a pound, or two, with overall from begining of the pregnancy to 5 months a total of 10 pounds...well between five months and 6 I gain 10 POUNDS, all in one month I doubled what I had gain thus far!!!! no wonder I feel like I exploded. I just hope its not another 10 pounds between 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 that would be 30 more pounds...no way. Of course my dr said she supects that I will have a big baby. but I don't want to gain 50 pounds...she told me for my size and the Father of the Baby's size I should gain about 35-40 pounds. Not the average 25-30. But Still I was hoping to gain only 30 pounds but I doubt that would happen. :(


JulieK - February 22

I am a big girl when not pregnant, but I carry it all in my hips and thighs, not at all in my belly or upper half. With my first pregnancy I gained 25 pounds total, 10 of which was just the baby itself, and I was huge. People were saying "anyday now" when I still had 4 months left to go. I wasn't that uncomfortable though, I just looked it...lol. With this pregnancy, I am only 15 weeks, but strangers have already offered me congrats and asked when I was due so I guess I am obviously showing, but I haven't gained anything yet. Everyone's body is different.



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