Ok Finally Bought Flintstone Vitamins Now What

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lee - May 14

My regular prenatal vitamins are too big for me to swallow, so I was chewing them..they are so discusting, after I read on this site that some of you ladies were taking the flintstone chewable vitamins, Ifinally went out and got some. My question is, do I just take 1 a day or more than that? For those of you who have taken them, how many did you take and did everything turn out okay? Thanks


% - \ - May 14

Ok, you finally bought flintstone vitamins, now what? Duh. You women need help.


sally - May 14

% - \ , i think you need some flinstone vitamins! and maybe some more crack!


trish - May 14

i wasnt the one to mention flintstone vitamins but... take 1 a day. and yeah everything will turn out fine. you can also mention to your dr that the other prenatals were to big made you gag whatever there are tons of prenatal vitamins out there that are small.


Heidi - May 16

I take them too. I used to take chewable prenatals but they made me sick so I switched to Flintstones and my doc said that was just fine. So just take one a day and let your doc know you switched. He/she might have you up it to two later on. Mine said she might have me go back on my prenatals later. I'm 17 wks right now. She said since my morning sickness is gone, she might have me take them again but she hasn't yet. I hated them. They were nasty tasting. If you feel more comfortable, you can take two flintstones, that won't hurt you at all. I just make sure I eat good during the day and get extra vitamins.


Jennifer - May 16

My OB/GYN put me on 2 Flintstones Vitamins a day. I was taking 2 pre-natal vitamins a day so she put me on the same schedule for the Flintstones.


col - September 8

I just bought the Flinstone Complete and it has Aspartame in it...isn't that bad to take when your pregnant?


hey col - September 8

It's "supposed" to be safe. Or the studies have been inconclusive. Hard to stay away from it, its everywhere!


pbj - September 8

Actually, it is not supposed to be safe. There is not one single thing I've read that says asparatame is safe. I a__sume that every woman does own "What to Expect When..." and it specifiically says to not consume asparatame when pregnant. I don't know what is in flintstone vitamins, but is there enough folate in them for pregnancy?


Gina - September 8

I dont even take vitamins. I did for for a about a month and then stopped. This is my 5th child. So the last three have been virtally vitaminless pregancies. They all came out healthy and strong, now they are 15 and 13.Vitamins are so important in the beginning and I also took Flintstones.


me - September 8

my doc told me if l had to take the flinstones to take two a day but so far I have only gotten sick a couple of times from my pre natals as long as I eat a little then it is fine



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