Okay Here S A Gross One

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ouch! - December 5

okay, I know this is a totally nasty question, but I would really like to know if anyone else is having this problem. whenever I goto the bathroom (#2) it seems like I spend FOREVER wiping my rear end and it doesn't get clean. I get so sore just from wiping that I almost want to cry. I use wet-wipes and everything. I don't know if it's something that I'm eating, or if it's something to do with being pregnant....but I'd really like to find a solution if anyone knows of one. thanks. sorry for grossing ya'll out.


I hear ya! - December 5

Yep - same thing - I think its my prenatal vitamins - makes bowel movements real dark...also apparently our hormones are effecting the consistency of our stools - eat more fruit and fibre - this really helps I find but everyone once in a while if I haven't had enough fibre - same problem. Wet naps or huggies are staple for me now - carry them with me in fact. fun eh!!


randi - December 5

same thing proubly vitamines


mama-beans - December 5

It is the extra iron you're getting in your prenatal. Iron poos are the worst!


I know... - December 5

this may sound funny, but get yourself some desitin (not just for baby!) and use that afterward, it will sooth it immensely and next time around it will be less irritated. I have IBS so pregnancy has been super hard for me... this helps!!!


Dia - December 5

Hey girls. Due to extended all-day and forever sickness I can only eat fresh fruit and raw veggies so my bowl movements are the cleanest ever! Not to gross everyone out, but when I wipe there is nothing on the toilet paper (except urine and discharge of course!) But I think the amount of fiber I eat makes everything come out soooo smoothly - hope this helps everyone!!


to all - December 5

I agree. Constipation early in pregnancy had me wiping forever a few times, but now I'm more regular because I'm not nauseous & can eat most foods. I choose to eat the foods that will make my sh1t "regular"... as it's been suggested, ones high in fiber. Think wheat germ (if you're not allergic), dried fruit, & certain high-fiber cereals. Keep in mind that plain ol' bread binds you, so watch out for that.


ouch - December 6

thanks everyone. I was kind of embarra__sed to post this question, becuase I thought it might just be me. the comment about the bread really helps, becuase I've been eating ALOT of bread and pastas lately. also, I never thought about the prenatal vitamins being the culprit as well. I will run and get a tube of desitin TODAY. thank you.


MeM - December 6

I agree use diaper cream...works wonders!!


to ouch from "to all" - December 6

Hey, you're welcome. I'm glad that helps! :)


P P - December 6

I really love this site. Thanks for asking the question ouch. I also have the same problem, can't get it clean and it's dark also. I was to embaressed to ask anyone, but now i feel good as i know it has something to do with the vitamins.



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