Old Wives Tale Position Of Tummy Determining Baby S Sex

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Nat22 - July 13

I thought that this was supposed to be an old wives tale, but people keep telling me it's true!... If your pregnant tummy is low, it's a boy...if it's high, it's a girl. Has anyone found any truth to this? I thought if your tummy is high/low depends on your body type, weight, height, uterus position, ect? What does everyone think?


olivia - July 13

I had a low round belly and everyone told me it would be a boy. It was a girl. None of these things are very accurate, but I think they can be fun anyway. Keeps people guessing...


mcbanes_angel - July 13

my grandmother would always say that. so when i got pregnant, and started gaining weight, my mom and aunt kept telling me that it was going to be a girl becuase of the high belly. And it turns out that grandma was right! but my Great Aunt told me that if i started gaining weight in my hips it was a boy and in my chest *not chest the b___bs, but the general chest area* that it was a girl...i have been gaining almost all my wieght in my hips, so i was thinking she was right, but like i said, grandma was right, its a girl.


krc - July 13

it's an old wives tale. How you carry your baby is determined by your body type, not the s_x of the baby.


mandie - July 13

Well, the belly I've gained is up higher, so you would think girl by old wive's tale. Also the heart rate has been around 160 (girl range). And we found out last week that it's a BOY. But if it makes any difference, he always sits really low, on my bladder. It's just the pudge that's high. How far along are you, Nat22? Are you going to try to find out the s_x or are you waiting until the baby's born?


Nat22 - July 14

Well I'm 16 weeks now and I'm finding out the s_x in 1 and a half weeks... I'm so excited! I am *Hoping* for a boy, but my belly is pretty high, so some have told me "it's a girl". All of these old wives tales are fun... I'm just anxious to know (the 24th better hurry up and get here!) :)


ren05 - July 14

i carried low & hardly put any weight on due to bad morning sickness & i had a boy.2 of my other friend were the same.


Genfa - July 14

Hi Nat22, I also heard all of those things and every one said I was having a girl becuase I am carrying high. I just found out that it's going to be a boy, the nurse said that all those wives tales are just that.


ChaycesMom - July 14

I was just reading through the posts and thought I would add my 2 cents in. My first child was high, I stayed exactly the same weight and it was a boy. I am now on #2, carrying high again, I Have lost 14lbs and they say this one is a girl.


linzee - July 14

last night i went to pick up some chinese food and the lady at the counter asked me how far along i was and then she said its boy. i can tell how you carry...sure enough, after two ultrasounds, he's a boy..lol...but its not always right it seems



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