Old Wives Tale Or True

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Hana - June 6

Hiya ladies, hope your all well. I keep hearing these old wives tale that dont seem to have a medical basis and wondered if anyone knows if theres an element of logic/truth in it. I've been told not to squat and also to never suddenly change positions at night before sitting upstraight- or crouch forward squashing the baby these allegedly lead to the cord being wrapped around the neck. It sounds silly but ive heard them so many times its scaring me lol


flower.momma - June 6

My grandma-in-law freaked out last time I was pregnant because I lifted my arms above my head, and she said that it would cause the baby to get tangled in the cord. I don't think it makes much of a difference what you do, its you baby's fault if they get themselves all tangled up. I wouldn't worry.


venus_in_scorpio - June 6

yeah i read it happens to 1 in 5 babies anyway and theres ways they can fix it.


HannahBaby - June 6

The sitting up before moving in bed is because thats when alot of women get pains from the ligament streching. The only time i have ligament pain is when i stand up quickly, twist at the waist, or move around in bed. There is nothing that you can do to wrap the cord around the babys neck. Its all about the babies movement.


Erynn21 - June 6

All of those are really silly the cord can get wrapped around the neck because of the baby getting wrapped up in it, and I was told to do squats by my friend who is a doula(she's been involved w/ a bunch of births) it helps w/ delivery later on, and the crouching thing is just dumb you can't squish your baby if you lean forward, although it may cause you some discomfort because of you ligaments stretching. Don't worry.


San_dee - June 6

my first baby had the cord lightly wrapped around the next 1x, it happens more often than you probably know, in fact i didnt know until i read the notes several weeks later. its like how to sleep the baby, i had several issues with this as times changed, my grandma said on the stomach was best, my mum said on the back, and in the hospital all the staff said on the side, i wouldnt get too worried about old wives tales, as thats exactly what they are :-)


San_dee - June 6

woops got it around the wrong way, mum said on the side, and hospital staff said on the back "back is best" lol


scarlett - June 7

I've heard a LOT of people say that you shouldn't squat, but I've no idea if it makes any sense.


Taffy - June 7

I'm so glad I saw this thread. My MIL is visiting and everything I do is wrong and I'm going to hurt the baby! She did make me wonder about the cord getting tangled when I stretched to get into a cupboard (for something for her!). I hadn't heard it before but it didn't make much sense to me. Thanks for putting my mind at rest. Although I have to admit that I don't believe much that she says anyway.


flower.momma - June 7

I know how you feel Taffy. I love my MIL, but sometimes she makes me feel like the worst mom on the planet. She isn't superst_tious but is always talking about my diet and activity level (oh don't lift that, you'll go into labor!!). It was a lot worse with my first pregnancy, so maybe she'll let up after you have the baby and sees how good you are with him/her. That is what mine did.


San_dee - June 7

i know what you mean about MIL, wish thought the bit about when the baby comes it got easier was true for me, but in fact it got worse, when i had my son...... everything was wind, i should be doing this and doing that, some people are just born bossy and controlling i suppose, but the funny thing was i would ask my mum for advice, and she would always say 'i dont know it was 23 years ago since ive done that', but unfortunately my MIL is a know it all, i mean she is really lovely but driving me nuts. She wanted to show me a trike that she wanted to buy for his second b/day and get my opinion, but every single one i picked that i knew he would love she would find a fault with it!! i ended up walking out in frustration, i think she just put it down to pregnancy hormones... so trust me i feel your pain!!!!! LOL


iakram - June 8

Hi, my MIL told me that during the 9th month it's actually really good to do squats or mop the floor with while squatting - it helps bring the baby into position - it's actually very common practice in the east.


Taffy - June 8

Thanks girls. I don't want to speak badly of my MIL as she's always been good to me in the past but she's just getting to me so much. I moved to California from the UK and they're visiting at the moment as in living with us! After 2 weeks of it I'll be happy to drive them back to the airport tomorrow. At least I only have to deal with her a few weeks now and again!


ThePezChick - June 9

The umbilical cords wraps and unwraps around the baby's neck throughout pregnancy. There's only an issue if it happens and cuts off oxygen at or just after birth.


lexa - June 9

Oh jeez...there are so many wives tales for pregnancy! You know what I wish...is that the wives tales included us women making dinner, cleaning up after dinner, doing laundry, putting it away, pumping our own gas...and it could go on! Why not let us get out of the stuff we really don't care to do!!!????!!! Just a thought:-)


lexa - June 9

Oh yeah, I forgot the most important of them all (for me anyway). MIL's should be avoided for the entire 9 months in order to NOT stress out the baby (or it's mother)!!! Okay, like I said, at least mine:-)


jenrodel - June 12

LOL! On top of all of those ones Lexa, let's add doing dishes... and then things would be just right. hehe.



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