Old Wives Tales

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Kime - February 5

this is a question for all of you that already know the gender of your baby. I was wondering how many of your tries out the old wives tales and the chinesse gender chart and came out iwth the right results. The old wives tales says im having a boy but the gender chart says girl. I find out on the 21st and it just seems so far away.....


punkyn - February 5

i tried it out and it said i was having a boy and i am indeed having a boy . but some people say it didnt work for them .


momtbc - February 5

My chart said Girl. The ring over my belly said girl. The needle over my belly said girl. And, we are definitely having a girl.


bl - February 5

The Chinese gender chart was wrong with both of my pregnancies!!


danimarie - February 5

Kime- All the old wives tales said I was having a boy...the chinese gender chart said girl. I'm having a GIRL! Who know if they really work though...there's a 50/50 chance right?!


krissy1980 - February 5

Kime..The chinese chart said I was having a boy..and it's right , It's a BOY:)


MommyMeg07 - February 5

The Chinese Gender Chart told me boy and ALL the Old Wives Tales pointed towards boy - and I'm having a girl.


DownbutnotOUT - February 6

chinesse gender test was 2/3 for my kids and the old wives tales were about 70% correct for all 3. For this baby im carrying chinesse gender predictors and old wives tales say girl and I will find out tomorrow! Anyway it looks like its a girl year anyway :)


squished - February 6

The ring over the stomach thing...do you just tie it to a string or piece of hair and hold it over the stomach? We tried it with the piece of hair and held it over where the baby is at and it didn't move at all. I guess that the ring test isn't going to reveal anything for us.....oh well. Our chinese calender said girl, so we'll see!


d - February 7

The gender and chinese cal both said Boy. Some old wives tales said girl and some said boy.... The ones that pointed to boy were right.. The one with the ring said boy right away from the beginning.. And Yes I am having a boy.


shygirly - February 7

Sometimes on the wives tales it would say 50/50 and sometimes it would say 80/20 that it was a girl. The chinese chart said girl and the ring on a sting said girl and....I'm indeed having a girl! So i think it was pretty accurate


TamaraAngel - February 7

The gender chart said boy for me... and it's a boy! The ring over the belly said girl, and the high heartbeat indicated girl.


DownbutnotOUT - February 8

well the tally is in at its a 60-70% chance its a boy!! so the old wives tales and gender predictor's where wrong, the only truly accurate thing was the babies HB both my boys were 150-155 and my daughtre 120-125 and this little boy his hb was 157 yesterday so hes up there with his brothers lol.


Faye84 - February 9

I dont think that chart thing really works, But for me it told me that I was suppose to have a girl... and well Im having a girl! oh and the heartbeat thing, I dont remember what the girls hb is suppose to be but mine was a steady 156 until 20 weeks, now its anywhere from 138-156.


aggie25 - February 12

hi i'm nearly 27 weeks pregnant. and i've tried ring over my belly with my first one and it's came a boy and i had a boy this time it says another boy and i'm pretty sure it will be a boy. for me it works!!1



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