OMG 20 Pounds

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Audrey - October 20

I just weighed myself and since my last doctors appt. (4 weeks ago) I have put on 7 pounds! I have no idea how this happened since I have been eating the same...I am an healthy eater. So, now I am at a 22 pound gain in 22 weeks....Is this too much? Do you think the doctor will say something to me next week?


rl - October 20

wow are you under weight or over weight? Chances are if you were a little under weight you needed to gain a bit more but if you were already heavy then your doctor will prolly say something maybe you need to get out and do a little walking that is very good for you and baby and will help your labor believe me I walked quite a bit with both my 2 previous pregnacies and had very quick labors and this now i s my 3rd and I walk as much as I can...good luck


Audrey - October 20

I started the pregnancy at 118 pounds so I was average for my height. Thanks for suggested the walking. Unfortunately I am on my feet all day because of work and just don't feel up to it when I get home late....But maybe I will have to do something else.


Em - October 20

well, dcotors recommend 25-35 pounds in a normal pregnancy so if you only gain 1 pound a week until the end of your pregnancy you will be at about 38 (so don't worry too much.) Maybe you should weigh yourself in a couple of could have been water retention or something that put on an extra couple of pounds....If so, you are right on track...


em - October 20

oops..can't have 18 weeks left so that would put you at about 40 pounds weight might have those darned 5 pounds to lose at the


shelly - October 20

I'm almost 24 weeks and have gained 21 lbs. too, it's all in my belly. I'm very active, go to the gym, and I'm a waitress, and usually eat pretty good. I was 123 when I got pregnant at 5'6" so I was skinny but wouldn't say underweight, but I stopped worrying so much about gaining weight. If i'm hungry, I eat. Just try watching a little more what you eat. I go to the doc every 2 weeks, it seems like one appt. I'll gain 4 lbs. Then I'll really watch what I eat, and then the next appt. I'll only gain 1lb.


Cathy - October 20

I have gained the equivalent of 1 pound per week the entire 17 weeks I have been pg. Doctor said no exercise but she is not concerned about my weight gain.


Jean - October 20

Don't worry. You might not gain that much every month - I gained 8lbs one month but am back on track now at about 1 lb per week. If you are eating healthy and not a couch potato, I wouldn't worry.


Audrey - October 20

Thanks ladies...yes, I am pretty active and was before pregnancy too. I am trying to eat well... hopefully I will balance out but what a shocker it was to step on that


Mandi - October 20

I gained 3 pounds at check-up 1....2 pounds at check-up 2....2 pounds at check-up 3.....THEN 9 pounds at my last check-up. I have been going every four weeks. This jump in weight concerned me, so I brought it up with my doctor. She said no reason for concern. They are looking for patterns. Since I had a low weight gain for 3 months or so, and then a jump there was no reason to be concerned. If the weight gain would continue, they might be alarmed, but slight fluctuations in our weight (or jumps rather) are common. I am 24 weeks today, and this was when I went for my 23 week check-up. I know the baby goes through quite a growth spirt during this time (6th month), so this might attribute to the extra weight gain. Either that or all of the dairy products (milk and cheese) which I can't seem to get enough of lately....but I am certain I did not eat TOO much.


Keri - October 20

I have heard many people say 25-35 pounds is the average, but I know many people who have gained about 40lbs. These where all thin girls when they started. My one cousin was very thin when she got pregant and once she got pregnant was sick all 9 months and still gained 40 pounds. Don't worry about. The most you'll probably gain is 40 lbs at this stage.


sheleen - October 20

I would not worry too much about your weight gain. I would just try to eat as healthy as possible and exercise moderatly and it all works out. Many of my friends have gained a lot of extra weight with all their kids and it comes off right after the pregnancy. EVERYBODY GAINS WEIGHT DIFFERENTLY! You might slow down your gain now. Just enjoy this time!!!


Lisa - October 20

I'm the same way as Mandi. For the first 1-16 weeks I gained a total of 1 pound combined; then at my 20 week appointment I had put on 9 pounds! So each time I went my doctor weighed my an it was a bit of an pound; then the last time BANG 9lbs! It was a shock to me but it's all in my b___bs and my stomach, I eat pretty good so I'm not going to change my eating habits or worry about it. As long as she is healthy I can always work out to take the extra weight; I don't want her having a hard time when she first comes into this world because I did not eat enough.


Kate and Baby - October 20

Hi Audrey. I just had my last doctor's appointment last week. I gained 24 pounds and I am 26 weeks. I weighed 127 pre pregnant and I am 5''4. Then they told me that I am at a very normal weight because the babies size is in the 70th percentile. They said he isn't small at all. I am so nervous. My stomach has no fat on it and is pretty much stretched to the max at 6 months. I don't have stretch marks YET. I just try to eat healthy and walk. It's nice to hear that I am not alone in this weight gain stuff. I have been really stressed about it. I gain weight very easy.Good luck with everything ladies


Angela - October 21

Audrey - I'm in the same boat. I was 128 lbs before I got pregnant and very active (I ran about 30 miles a week); i really had very little body fat. I am now 25 weeks pregnant and at my last visit (a week and a half ago) I had gained 20 pounds! My doctor said that I'm on track to gain 40-50 and that I should try to keep it to 40. I couldn't believe it. I am not pigging out, and eat very healthy (although YES, I do have the occasional bowl of ice cream or brownie, lol, i can't help it!). I eat only very lean meats and nonfat dairy products and a lot of veggies fruit and whole grains. I walk for an hour every day and also do sculpting and yoga workouts. So, WTF???!! How could I have gained so much weight. I am chalking it up to my body just wants to put this weight on. And, I suspect my baby boy may be a big one (which scares me!!). My doctor explained to me that the brain overdoes the hunger impulses when we're pregnant because back in the day, food wasn't so plentiful, so we need to be hungry all the time so we don't pa__s up an opportunity to eat when food is available. But of course now food is available all the time, so pregnant women eat more than they need to. So, I have to choose between putting on too much weight or being hungry all the time. Not fun! I've decided to go with eating as healthy as I can throughout the day, but not feeling like I have to stick something in my mouth whenever I have a slight hunger pain. I'm hoping this is going to help me to gain at a slower rate for the next 15 weeks! :) Good luck.


Audrey - October 21

Thanks ladies for your seems like everyone is different. Angela, I feel exactly like you in terms of activity and eating habits. I just hope that if my body decides to put this weight on, well that it will decide to lose it ran a 10k race a week before conception and running is one of my favorite things to do. I want to get right back out there and do it as soon as I have our daughter her and my doc gives me the okay (I want to be one of those women who jogs with their child)...So..hopefully it will all work out. Good luck everyone with their pregnancies!


elizabeth - October 22

I have gained 12 lbs through the pregnancy so far and im 23 weeks. I had gained 8 in the past 4 weeks. 2 months ago i had only gained four but i had a check-up tuesday and they said i had gained another 8 pounds..i was like wow in one month. But they said there seems to be a month were you do gain alot more than a normal like 4 lbs or so....



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