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dee23 - March 11

im 21 weeks...ive put on 4 kg...i think thats about 8 pounds or so.....2 people already think im having twins and im not! everyone says that they were smaller at this there something wrong with me? im getting totally depressed over this as EVERYONE seems to be saying that im bigger than what im ment to really upset as the ppl closest to me are also commenting.......should i be eating like im on a diet? do i have a big baby in there? i dont know the fundal height measurements as the doc hasent started doing that yet....i would really love to show you all a picture of my belly but i dont know how to put it on a page that everyone can look at.....does anyone know how i can do this so i can show everyone and u can comment? i weighed 54kg pre preggo and now 58 sry i dont know what that is in pounds but im really not a big person......even my grandma said to me that she knows someone who is due around the same time and is smaller than me and barely showing! im so the moment i feel like if i dont get any condolence i want to go on a crash diet to loose this unwanted extra fattness that im not suppose to have..........why does eveeryone think my belly s bigger than what it should be???????? so upset...


livdea - March 11

well my dear Dee!! I think that's not that much weight! 1kg is equal to about 2.2 lbs, I just looked it up! You've gained about 9 lbs...STOP FREAKING! I've gained more then that! It sounds like you were pretty small prebaby so it's more noticiable on you! Everyone carries different and you should NOT be concerned. I freaked out some too there for a while but then got over it quick! You can't diet while know better then that, girly! And if you didn't know're going to get some "pudge" we gotta deal with it though it's not fun! If you want to start a site, I just started one at it's pretty easy to use, a lot of b___ton pushing and I figured it out...and I'm HORRIBLE on the computer. There's a place were you download pictures from your hit a "browse" b___ton and select the one you want and the computer does the rest! Its pretty easy!! I'd love to see your baby belly! And if people ask you about twins, I'd just humour them and say "No, quadruplets!" I think at one time or another every pregnant girly gets asked "twins" and we just want to back hand them! You are fine and healthy....get your piczo site going and show us that beautiful baby and belly!!! OH and stop freaking out! 4 kg? That's great girly! You are growing a baby!


dee23 - March 11

thx livdea.....ive uploaded the pics onto the piczo site....ive only used the site so you can give a proper opinion......its thx for your input :)


coda - March 11

i am 14 weeks with my first and have a baby belly i have only put on 2kg .my doc says its fine and not to worry about it as i freeked out because ppl were saying the same thing to me that ur not suppose to show till ur 6 months with ur first haha everyone is different depends on ur build and believe it or not how constipated u are as this effects the amount of room in there i am only 5ft2 with a short torso and i have ibs so its not a suprise to me that i show already be proud that people can tell ur pregnant its a mirical :)


Mellissa - March 11

dee...9 pounds is nothing compared to when i was pregnant with my daughter!! i put on 25 pounds in the first half of my pregnancy!!! 50 total!!! by the time i was 12 weeks, everyone was convinced i was having twins!!! i was only 98 pounds before i got pregnant, so the weight gain was VERY noticable. i think 9 pounds sounds about right for you.....i'm 21 weeks now and lost weight at the beginning, but looking at your pics, my belly seems a lot BIGGER than yours!! lol. if you want to see mine to compare, you can go on and look me up by my email add: [email protected] or you can give me your and i'll email you the you can see for yourself that you aren't big at all!!!


kimc - March 11

I am only 17 weeks and I've gained 9 lbs... I don't think you have anything to worry about ,as long as you are eating healthy. I think with smaller girls, like yourself, the baby doesn't have anywhere else to go, so you get more of a pronounced belly. A girl I work with was 4 months and larger than your picture... she was so small to begin with that the baby had nowhere else to go. She had to leave work 2 months before her due date because she was so big it was uncomfortable to stand for more than 15 minutes. Every body shows differently... I'm sure you are right on track!


Remy - March 11

You look perfectly normal to me. Actually, my stomach is bulging out more than yours and I am only 18 weeks. :)


Dia_ - March 11

Wow - I wish I could say that! I started this pregnancy heavy (5'3" 172 lbs) and in a size 12...I am almost 27 weeks and I have gained about 25 lbs and I cannot wear maternity 12's....I have to buy maternity 16's. It is my own fault though....I ate like crazy in my first trimester b/c it helped reduce nausea...and gained 16 lbs at 12 weeks. I have done okay since then...but boy do I wish I would have only gained 8 lbs at 21 weeks! Never are better off than me :)


SuzieQ - March 11

dee23 - I looked at your website and you look awesome for 21 weeks! I'm 5'8", 142 lbs, only 11 weeks and my bloated belly looks very similar to yours! I'm hoping the bloating will go away soon, and just have baby bump, but who knows? You look good, healthy, and definitely don't need to diet!!!


livdea - March 12

Dee lovey! Your belly is perfect! You were like me prebaby..even some smaller and you look great! I know its scary gaining that weight...I've totally been there and now I'm getting it in my thighs and back and I'm freaking out! But I know its going to happen and as I sit here and type this my little girl is going crazy inside me, moving all around! I love it! I think she likes it when I eat!!! I think you look great and don't fret! I saw some girl friends that I didn't see for a week and they were like "OMG you've gotten so big since last week!!!" I was like WHAT THE???? but then I got over it and I'm excited! You look great and keep your site updated so we can check you and baby out!!! YAY BABY!


dee23 - March 12

thx so much for your condolences girls. i guess like myself.....u guys proberbly think u are alot bigger than u are.......i guess in my situation, it doesnt help for everyone to be affirming my thoughts.....i guess that its only the ppl who are going through the same ordeal, like being pregnant, that really does understand....nobody really knows what its like from a pregnant womens perspective after they have been can feel quite cruel, even if it might seem like a harmless comment. question, dh was a 9 pounder at birth, and i was 8 pound 6, will that affect the size do u think?



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