OMG Im Addicted To Salt And Vinegar Chips

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dee23 - February 12

given half the chance and ill eat a whole big bag full.....i need to control myself to just eat half a bag full! but i am concerned about the salt factor as i add salt to dinner and lunch......does anyone else have this craving?


^lucy^ - February 12

yeah i crave salt a lot cz it makes my blood pressure rise a bit and get rid of my dizziness as my doctor suggested but have it moderately,, it can cause serious water retension in ur body and u might get swollen if u have too much.. try having orange or lemon juice it might help.. adding a bit of salt to ur meals or having 1 small bag of chips every 2 days wont harm i guess :) happy cravings!! hehe


Mellissa - February 12

i am craving just about anything with vinegar. salt and vinegar chips, pickes, franks red hot sauce! even mustard. it's so different from my last pregnancy...all i craved was fruits with my daughter!!!


krista-lee - February 12

haha, i thought i was just weird, but those are the ONLY chips ill eat, along woth Hickory sticks, i crave them 24/7


Lindsey - February 12

Yeah I'm craving pickled onions, and i'm putting it down to the vinegar factor, although it gives me ma__sive heartburn.


Olivene - February 12

I am loving anything with vinegar! Lately I've been eating pickled onions.So yummy, but not so great for digestion! Dee23, do be careful about the salt, though!


Olivene - February 12

Lindsey, I just read your post. Pickled onions for you, too? How far along are you? I wonder ladies, about the cravings being a__sociated with baby's s_x. Do you know what you're having?


melanie - February 12

Oh, man why did you have to say that, now I am going to have to send my husband to the store for salt and vinegar chips


dee23 - February 12

lol ladies! im glad im not the only one! i had the pickled onion craving for a while too...all up i ate two jarrs of pickled onions by myself! i was around 15 wks then....the craving only lasted around 2 weeks for me, now i cant go near them.


Kerri - February 13

I am laughing at this post because with my son, I had to change my route walking home so I didnt pa__s a fast food shop. I couldnt pa__s it without buying a bag of chips and smothering them in salt & vinegar. I also loved salt & vinegar chips. As for the gender issue I had this craving with both boys (worse with first), and have it a little this time. I dont know what I'm having, but I do think it may be a boy again. Just a feeling!


^lucy^ - February 13

sorry i didnt feel like signing in :p Olivene, yeah i know we're having a girl and everyone thought i was having a boy cz i was craving salty stuff and pickles from the beginning and can't stand any sweet taste in my mouth!!


dee23 - February 13

LOL im getting the biggest l;augh from all of your responses! hahaha avoiding a fast food joint! i can imagine that! anyway the pickled onions craving went but this salt and vinegar craving ive had since the beggining....i think i might end up looking like a balloon! you girls are funny...i luv this site...


^lucy^ - February 13

i just had lunch and i ate tomatoes and though im trying to be healthy.. i had the salt in my hand and kept coating those beautiful red tomatoes with all the salt that can stick to them!! i can do that while im away cz mom will turn crazy if she saw the amount of salt i put on that poor tomato :p what are u expecting dee? ladies?


dee23 - February 13

i find out the s_x in a week and a half! ive been having a gut feeling through out the whole pregnancy that it will be a boy. i guess the sour craving and nusance free pregnancy has proved that in my eyes. i was hoping for a boy then a girl. even though i would love a little girl, i would love her to have an older brother! well....i will definatly be telling everyone when i find out!


Olivene - February 13

I am only almost 15 weeks. I plan to find out if it is a boy or a girl! I hope the salty/sour thing means boy, but girl would be okay, too!


Tillie - February 13

Well, I for one am having a girl and my indulgences are cookies and chocolate bars, with the occasional ice cream scoop. Very curious to know if all you salt & vinegar addicts are having boys!


^lucy^ - February 13

i dont know about others we'll need to wait till they find out.. but for me, my salt cravings are giving me a girl :) strange!



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