One More Week Until Quot The Quot Ultrasound

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jodie - February 12

Yeah!!! I am soo excited! We have one more week until we find out what we are having!! I am such an impatient person....I can't beleive it has come sooo fast!! We already have a 15month old son so it would be awesome to have a girl....but then again it would be great for my son to have a brother to rough house with!! Anyone else finding out soon what their having???????? Yippy!!!!!!!!


Rosiemeg - February 13

the wait is awful, isn't it? my midwife doesn't do ultrasounds until at least 20wks. i get mine on Valentine's Day. i also have a boy, he's 3, and we're hoping for a girl this time but will be happy with another boy too.


Martha2007 - February 13

Jodie,good luck. I will find out mine on March 9th. Can't wait. How many weeks are you know. I completed my 16 weeks. Today I am 16W3D. Have you bought a doppler? Someone said in, it is very cheap. keep us posted..


Kime - February 13

I get to find out tomorrow on valentines day. It's getting harder and harder to wait... Hope it's a girl but im thinking it's gonna be a boy...


c_baer19 - February 13

I am so jealous, you are just as far along as I am and I have to wait until March 9!


jodie - February 13

The wait is awful huh! I haven't got a doppler yet. I just have to figure out which kind I want I guess. I am 17wks 1day. So I will be 18 wks for the ultrasound. I am just excited so I can start to decorate the nursery. Hopefully time will fly!!!!


jessicaspatherapist - February 13

me too, i have 1 more week also!!! i can't wait!!! good luck Jodie :)


just__me - February 13

on my next visit to the doctor i will be 15w4d... do you think i will be able to find out then?


jodie - February 13

Hi just_me. I guess it could be possible. I think they say the little gender parts are all developed by then : ) Hey martha, I rented my doppler. I went through baby beats so I didn't have to bother with calling or faxing the doc! I am lazy..heheh! I am having it overnighted and it will be here tomorrow!!!!! Yeah!!


Marie6549 - February 14

I too have to wait for my next u/s on 9th March - 3 weeks 2 days to go!!!!! I will be exactly 21 weeks then. I borrowed my friends doppler and have been listening to the bbies heartbeat since I was 8 weeks! It really is the best sound and very very addictive! lol! Especially in the early months when it was so hard to find the heartbeat, but I am a very patient person and it paid off. I have a DS4 and would love a little girl this time too, but not too bothered if its another boy! Strangely DS badly wants it to be a girl and doesn't want a boy...fingers crossed.


Martha2007 - February 14

Hi Jodie, good to know you rented one. I am using mine almost every day. It is proved that there is no risk in using doppler. Let us know how your appt go. Today horrible weather in New Jersey. I have to wait another 3 weeks..


jodie - February 14

I am in washington and we had all that snow and ice c___p in december and january. Now it's just sun and rain and I am sooo happy. I hate the ice, and snow is okay for the first day. So I say bring on the spring and summer!!! I actually wore sungla__ses yesterday..woo hooo!


just__me - February 14

hey martha im from jersey too!


MNMOM - February 15

I am 21 weeks tomorrow and found out yesterday I am having another boy.


Martha2007 - February 15

hey just_me, good to know you r from jersey too. we live in old bridge, nj (central jersey). where do you live? i have to wait until mar 9th to find out the baby s_x. they should be able to tell s_x at 16 weeks but not definitive.


Martha2007 - February 20

Jodie, did you find out the s_x of the baby?keep us posted. I have to wait 3 more weeks. Time is moving very slow.


jodie - February 20

My apt. is in 2 1/2 hours.....wooo hooo! I just can't remember if I am supposed to not eat....I know I have to chug lots of waters...but can I eat???



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