Only Lower Pelvis Feels Firm At 21 Weeks Low Kicking

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Shawna E. - November 20

I am 21 weeks now (the farthest I have ever been in my four total pregnancies), and my doctor said at last visit that my uterus was at the proper height (around the navel). But, I have trouble feeling the top of my uterus there, while the lower portion is very rounded and firm. Up until recently, I could easily feel the top of the uterus when lying on my back or standing up straight, but now it is a little more vague... although it must be that high because I am really starting to show. I suspect that my somewhat squishy belly disquises the uterus a bit! But, the lower pelvis is also the only place where I feel kicking... right about the level of my hip bones. I know that the baby could simply be lying low, but I do wonder if anyone else only feels firmness and only feels kicking this low in the uterus at this point in pregnancy? I go for an ultrasound in three days, but am curious if others have eperienced this. Any comments? Thanks!


*sunny* - November 20

Hiya Shawna, I was feeling the exact same thing, only what I thought was kicks in the very low right side of my abdomen, I went for my ultrasound at 21 weeks and it turns out what I was feeling wasn't kicks but the babies hands, its laying with it's head to the right!!! I am now 25 weeks and the movements aren't that much higher, so I would say it's normal, we have a healthy baby, it just seems to move a lot lower than I ever thought (this is my first pregnancy) no doubt sooner than later it will turn and start on the rib kicking!!


Cathy - November 21

I have also felt the kicks very low. when I went for my us the doctor said he is in the breech position right now and I could see him kicking my cervix.


Amy from MN - November 21

Hi Cathy, I was wondering how far along are you. At my US they said the baby was breech!I am 22 weeks today. Should I worry about a c-section? I am very worried because this is my 4th baby and was looking forward to a quick and easy v____al delivery. Every baby my labor was exactly 2 hours shorter and 3 hard pushes and I had a Baby! Did your docs tell you that the baby will turn? Thanks for anyones reply! I am going crazy!!


Cathy - November 21

Amy, I am also 22 weeks, and this is my first baby. My doctor said not to worry because there is still plenty of room for baby to move and he does do somersaults sometimes. They expect him to move to the correct position. If it is any help, I was a breech baby myself. I was my mothers 5th child and stubborn as hell. Wanted to come out breech all the ways possible, the doctors kept turning me around, but in the end I came out feet first anyways. She did not have to have a c section.


amy - November 21

im 20 wks and feel the exact way!its normal,dont worry!!


val - November 21

I'm in my 20th week, and what you described is exactly what is going on with me. Lower in my abdomen feels firmer, but my dr said my uterus is at my belly b___ton. Also I feel the movement very low.


Shawna E. - November 22

Original poster here! Thanks for the replies, ladies! It is all so clear now that I've had my 22 week ultrasound today! Much like *sunny* described, my little girl is lying with her head downward and to the right... and apparently I have been feeling mostly hands and her head instead of feet like I a__sumed. Everything seems quite normal, thankfully! It was interesting to see the motions onscreen just as I felt the movements... well, amazing, actually. Again, thanks for the responses. I feel much more at ease that this baby will actually survive, now that I am over halfway through and all still seems well.


sparkles - November 22

I'm working on my 19th week and feeling the same thing. Only my lower abdomen is firm and all my baby's kicks are low or straight down on my bladder! I read this on another forum and it works! After you O during s_x, feel for your uterus and it should feel very firm. I can feel mine every time for at least 30-60 seconds after I O. That's the only time I can feel exactly where the top of it is. You should give it a try!


traci - November 30

I am 22 weeks and my baby is breech, i feel all the movements low in my pelvis



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