OOOOOH MY GOD Soooo Freakin Annoyed

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Cad0587 - February 10

I'm so aggrevated right now. I'll be 22 weeks pregnant this Saturday and I'm HARDLY showing. If I'm wearing a top that's like REALLY tight my stomach goes out a little but I kinda just look like I ate a lot otherwise you wouldn't be able to tell I'm even pregnant. And I feel like since everything is so cramped in there my stomach is getting smushed and I feel like it's the size of a pea. And this where I get annoyed, if I eat... not even a lot because I can hardly eat something the way I used to, I feek SUCH pressure in my stomach, like I just need to explode and I feel like it's beause my stomach is so small or something it's SOOO uncomfortable and the pressure doesn't go away for like 30-45 minutes and then I feel empty, but I never feel HUNGRY I'll just start feeling empty and gross, like literally EMPTY like there is nothing in my stomach but I feel just disgusting... I don't want to say nauseaus because I don't feel like I'm going to throw up but it's a feeling that definitely sticks with me and it's just gross, it's like I can't win! And it's starting to really annoy me.


aliciavr6 - February 11

Cad - don't worry, one morning you will wake up and you will have popped! I had the uncomfortable feeling and pressure down there for a long time, I was barely able to eat a lot because I would feel like I ate an 8 course meal after just a few bites!! And I wasn't hungry, but my stomach hurt because I hadn't eaten, so that's when I knew to eat again. But one day I woke up and my belly was poking out noticeably more, my boss even said "wow your belly just popped overnight"...


excited2bemama - February 11

Don't worry- You will pop- It happens to everyone. But yeah I am constanly hungry and then once I start eating I get really really full fast and have to sdtop eating- and then like 1 hour later I am hungry again


wailing - February 11

I agree. Don't worry. As long as your doctor says everything is fine you will pop soon. It happens almost over night. I'm pretty small framed and wasn't showing much until just these past few days and I am 22 wks also. Suddenly I went to put on my work shirt one day and it was really tight. Then when I went to work a few days later everyone was shocked how huge I'd gotten.



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