Opinion On Epiderals To Have Or Not

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Rachel/ Seattle WA. - October 28

I am in my 19th week and my Dr. wants me to think and note whether I will have an epideral or go natural. I am torn bewteen the two for many reasons. I am curious for those that have already given birth...what your opinion on the matter might be. I am 32 and this is my first baby. My husband does not want to see me go through any more unnecessary pain, but I think there has got to be more to it then just the pain...like the experience of it all.


misty - October 28

In my opinion I would say try thr first part naturally and if it gets to be to much then ask for the epidural. They help and in my experience helps with the bonding experience and calmness. Just tell your Dr that you want to atleast attempt the natural method but might request the epidural. Either way you will be happy when you see your baby. Good luck on your decission and I hope this helps.


sparkles - October 29

First off, Congrats! I'm, also, pregnant with my first. I've been thinking about whether to go natural or have an epidural, too. I think that each have their pros and cons. I'd like to go natural, but know that I may change my mind when all the pain of childbirth hits me. I'm keeping the epidural optional. You should do research on both and make sure your doctor gives you all the necessary info. you need. If you want to go natural, check out some cla__ses that can prepare you for how to deal with the pain-breathing, nonmedicinal pain relief techniques, etc... Also, I've heard that doulas can be a big help during childbirth. In case you don't know, a doula is a trained individual who coaches you through the birthing process. They are with you during labor and delivery. I've read that women who use a doula during natural childbirth use pain medication 50% less than women who don't have a doula. There's lots to consider, but take your time and make sure that your happy and comfortable with the decision that you make. Some people may try to make you feel like natural childbirth is the only way to go (I've already experienced this), but it's going to be you and not them pushing this baby out. Decide what's best for you. Good luck!


Rachel - October 29

Thanks ladies, some good advice to keep in mind.


Camilla - October 29

Hi Rachel. I've given birth several times, both with epidural and without anything at all. Never ever would I go do it 'natural' again!! I am pregnant now and will take any epidural I can lay my hands on. Especially with a first baby, labor can last for hours on end, and you end up exhausted, worn out, in pain like you can't believe. Natural birth was so unpleasant that I didn't enjoy it or the experience at all. And nobody's going to give me medal cuz I did it without anything. Who cares really, whether you asked for pain relief or not? You are just as much a mother if you take it. You wouldn't think twice about taking meds for a toothache, or a flu either, and this is far far more intense. Experiencing epidurals, the whole thing around it, is also very much part of a birth experience. Just another different way of doing it. Also, even if you do go the epi-route, you're likely to have experienced some contractions before you get it. So, you're not like totally missing out. With a first birth, and the likely long labor, I'd take the epidural, you can always see if you want to go a different way the next time. Oh well Rachel, I can't say I'm not biased. I am. But with my last baby I had the most blissful, wonderful birth experience, and am so happy about how it all went. And yep, you guessed it. I had the works. I was relaxed and baby was too. Good luck and happy pregnancy!


Hi Rachel - October 29

I am from Seattle too! Anyways I am having my first as well so I guess I don't have first hand expierance to tell you about but I am going to have an epideral. I did not even have a single thought to go natural. I agree w/ Camilla in everything she has said. I am taking cla__ses to deal with pain IN CASE it will be too fast to get an epidural but otherwise bring it on! I just don't know why ppl would have a natural childbirth. I know I could do it if I had too but I don't have to. Its 2005 and not neccessary to put yourself through unnecessary pain. Plus I have nothing to prove! Anyhoo just my opinion.


Rachel - October 29

To the woman from Seattle also, where will you have your baby? I decided to go to North West, I loved it there when touring different hospitals.


Emy - October 29

I am definitely asking for an epidural. And early too! I have had too many friends try to go "natural" first and then by the time they get the epidural it is too late to really be as effective as it could be. My dh had abdominal surgery this summer and they gave him an epidural pre op. I was able to see it and it did not look as bad as people say. When he came out of surgery the first thing he said is "epidurals are amazing!" That was enough to convince me!


to Rachel - October 29

I actually live in Sumner. So I will be going to st joes in Tacoma. That is where my dr is so I will give birth there. I haven't had a tour yet but my cla__ses started last wed. and during the next 4 weeks we will do that. My dr hasn't asked me about whether or not I want an epidural so I think I will talk w/ him about it. It seems like more women go natural then I thought. None of my friends have.


Ashley - October 29

I'm not getting one unless something goes terribly wrong and I have to go to the hospital - I'm having a home birth. I reckon I'm in for 48+ hours of pain since it is my first and I'm planning for worst case scenario! I'm a pretty confident cookie though and I've had very informative cla__ses, coaching, ect. I was at a family get together, and two cousins were talking about how wonderful epidurals were, and one was praising it, although she said "the placement was wrong on her last baby and now she's had cronic back pain for the last two years." Lol, I know this is my first and you wanted to hear from experience women - I'm due between Valentines and March 1st and I will let ya'll know how it goes! ;)


Melissa - October 29

To the other Washingtonians,I live in Redmond, WA and my hospital will Evergreen Hospital. Re the epidural, I have never for ONE SECOND considered going without one!! And I want to do what my best friend did and request it early!! None of this trying to stick it out for awhile first! I know one person who went natural and she said it was the most horrific experience. I also know someone who had residual nerve damage in her leg after an epidural, and you know I still wouldnt consider doing anything else!


Charlene - October 31

I am due in early March with my first. I have already decided that I will bear what I can and then if absolutely necessary, take the epidural. In some instances, women cannot feel a thing and have to be told when to push. In many hospitals, you cannot leave your bed once you get the epi. I am hoping to move around, and even squat for some of my labor. They say that these things help. I am keeping in mind that my opinion might change once I actually get there and feel it all. I am just keeping an open mind. I have confidence that my body will let me know what I need to do. Best wishes and a healthy pregnancy to you.



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