Opinions About 4D Ultra Sound

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Rissa - May 15

I just wanted to get some intelligent opinions about the 4 D ultra sound? Is it something you want? Are you amazed at the power of technology which offers us a clear picture of our babies before birth?


T - May 15

I'm definitely going to do it. I just got info today. And they said I could bring my own music which they will put on a CD with the video of the baby. I know I need this and the babies father does for bonding! I did not even know I was pregnant until 6 months. It's still not confirmed but I finally missed a period and I have huge amounts of movement. I have no health insurance and now have to pay almost $2,000.00 for three different ultrasounds I did earlier. The 4d only cost $260.00 for a 30 minute video and lots of pictures! I can't wait to get it done. I am waiting to test for two more weeks and hopefully I will finally show positive on a hpt. Also, you can have many people in the room and the screen is huge, not like my last us where the tech was not very friendly and the monitor was placed in a position where I couldn't even see it. They have the room set up like that on purpose. And then they send me this huge bill, when I told them I could only afford $300.00 at the most for a us. It was horrible. I know the 4d will be a much better experience!


trish - May 15

I had mine done 2 weeks ago. It was awesome! totally amazing. We got it all on video with a song and music in the background, 6 pictures, a keepsake for the baby book and all pictures will be on a cd when we go back on tuesday for our 2nd one free of charge. they will also tell you if its a boy or girl. On our video we watch the baby suck on his thumb, yawn and bring both of his feet up to his mouth. it makes you cry just to watch the video.


m - May 15

I had another u/s at 16 weeks and before the doc came in the tech had put an image on the screen that I thought was a screen saver, and I said oh, that's one of the baby pics 3D, right? She said Yep, and that's YOUR baby! I was so astonished! And so happy! It was incedible.


Lynn - May 16

Before I got pregnant I was all about the 4D u/s.. but now that I am pregnant, I don't think that I want one. i have seen the pictures from friends & you can really tell what the baby is going to look like & although I do plan on finding out the s_x, I think I want some things left to surprise in the delivery room. I just think that there is something about the moment that you first see your baby and all his or her cure little features that the 4d u/s will take away from. This is also my first baby so I might think differently if I have already experienced that moment with a previous pregnancy.


to T - May 16

If you have no health insurance, get yourself down to your DSS or health department and see about medicaid to see you through this pregnancy.


Kim - May 16

I agree with Lynn and have chosen not to get one. I want to be surprised when the baby is born. We are also not finding out the s_x and I am afraid that the 3D or 4D u/s may show us this by accident. It's a personal decision and the technology is amazing for those who wish to have one.


KP - May 16

How much it cost? If you have Health insurance would it cover it?


trish - May 16

health insurance does not cover the 3/4d ultrasounds. Its an elective thing you can choose to do. do a search for 3/4 d ultrasounds on google for your state because the price varies a lot from state to state



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