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LILMAMA - July 9

I was just wondering what everyones opinion on epidurals were. This is my first pregnancy and im really nervous about getiing a hugh needle stuck in my spine...


sahmof3 - July 9

Before I had my first I wanted to try all natural, but was definitely open to epidural if I needed it, and I did. Ctx's were bad enough by that point that I didn't even feel it too much. Had a spinal w/ #2 (scheduled c-section) and was terrified of the thought of it, b/c I'd be completely "with it" for this one, but all I felt was a pinch, then it was done. So, my opinion is they are a life-saver, b/c I've had good experiences with them!


HannahBaby - July 10

I would never get an epidural, personally. My hosptial doesnt even offer them so i guess that why!! We dont have interthecials (like an epidural but its a one time shot with no cath) I had narcotics in labor ( i was on pitocin) I really want to go natural this time. No pit, no pain meds. But we will see what happens. I recommend NOT to get an epidural because it tends to make the pushing part for a first time mother ALOT harder than ithas to be


christa0120 - July 10

I have had an EPI...they are beautiful. I didn' t even feel mine! Contractions are very tough. I also have a friend who had 3 babies "naturally" and in her 4th decided on an epidural. She still kicks herself for not doing it with the others...lol


venus_in_scorpio - July 10

i cant say i know because this is my first but I am telling you what when they give me te list of drugs to check off what i will ge, im checking all of them... then when i am actually there i wot take anything i dont really need. ive heard from a lot of moms that epidurals are great and that they wish theyy hadn't fought off getting one for so long. ill probably get one but i'll have to see how i am doing that day before i can really decide you know?


mandee25 - July 10

I want one but I would have to travel 90 min instead of the 10 min drive to my local small hospital where they only have drugs and gas. I will most likely go to the closer hospital unless I have to be induced or get a c-section. I really hate pain and it's my first baby so I really don't know what to do yet. I am 21 weeks and 3 days.


Dee - July 10

Great topic. This has been on my mind since I first found out I was pg. I am a first time mom and scared to death of the epidural. But pretty scared of the pain too. Honeslty I plan to play it by ear. I hear that the pain is extremely intense and that I am going to want one. I bet my fear of pain will override my fear of the big needle.


ThePezChick - July 10

We plan to sign the paperwork for the epidural but hope not to use it. I'm going to go natural as long as I can, hopefully the whole way, but leave the option of the epidural open in case I need it.


babybird - July 10

I highly recommend getting an epidural. It doesn't really hurt when they put the needle in your back but think about how much pain you'll be in without one. It's amazing how much the pain just diasappears after you have the epidural. And I didn't have any problems pushing my baby out. One big push and one small one and he was here:)


Celia - July 10

I had an epidural with my first and it was horrible. There was no pain in getting it put in but before the epi I could move around and cope with the contractions, after the epi I couldn't move anything from the waist down because it was all numb and the epi didn't take right and set all my contractions up in one hip. I've signed the paper work to get one only in case of emergency but will not use it unless 100% necessary!


AmyB - July 10

why be in pain if you dont have too? thats my thought i mean i admire women that can go o natural but ya know,,,WHY?


sonotec75 - July 10

#1 I went all natural. My DS was here within 4.5 hours. Hopefully #2 will be here just as quick so that I don't have to deal with the needle, though, I will if needed.


flower.momma - July 10

I had no epidural, and I am glad I didn't. My dd was a huge one, and she got stuck a few times on the way out. The midwife says that if I had an epidural, I wouldn't have been as in tune with my contractions, and might not have been able to push her out. Also, one of my top priorities afterwards was to take a shower (my daughter had her first poopy all over me the minute she popped out!) I was able to do that because of no epidural. This one, I am kind of wondering, do I want to go through all that pain again? But, I figure if I did it once, I can do it again.


Lilu - July 12

I wouldn't even worry baout that needle b/c by the time you get it your in so much pain, you'll be begging. They put a local on the needle stick area anyway. good luck.


frankschick2001 - July 12

I was in the delivery room with my best firned when she had her first child. When they inserted the epidural (which, by the way, it wasnf a "huge" needle) she winced for a second and then was fine. She said she was so thankful for the pain relief. Her second child she had natural. She wanted to try it that way and took the cla__ses. She said she thought she was prepared for the level of pain, but it was she wasn't. But the baby was coming down so fast they could not give her an epidural which she begged for!


olivia - July 12

They gave me my epidural during a contraction and I never felt anything (except of course that contraction!). I was very grateful for my epidural though I had kept an open mind about going natural. I did end up with a c-section due to an infection, but not from the epidural.


tritty - July 12

i'm also a first time mom but my mother had 4 babies naturally and i just asked her today what it was like. she said that a lot of it is mind over matter and if you don't go into the delivery room with a game plan it's going to be worse. of course it hurts but with lamaze and other breathing techniques it can really help you get your mind off of the pain.... like i said, i haven't done this yet but i think i'm going to try au naturale. i just don't understand what i'm so careful my whole pregnancy not to take any bad medications or eat the wrong food and then for hours before my baby is born i'm going to pump drugs into my body and blood so that i'm comfortable.... it just doesn't settle right with me.



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