Organ Ultrasound Appointment

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Phoebe - March 28

I was just wondering if anyone else has been to their appointment, where you have to drink 32 oz water 1 hour before, and they check all of the baby's organs... I have to go tomorrow, and don't know how I am going to make it with all that water... I am excited though. Was it cool?


Jennifer - March 28

I would not drink the amount of water that they are telling you too, because both times for me, I got there and my bladder was too full and they got me to pee and stop after emptying half my bladder. Let me tell you that is not fun when you have to go really really bad. Even with my last one, I had to do this and I didn't drink as much as they told me too. Just make sure that you have a little bit in your bladder.


PP - March 28

I drank the amt. specified and and it wasn't enough. You then have to either reschedual or get a catheter so they can fill your bladder. I would rather let some out and than have the catheter again.


Phoebe - March 28

Thanks Jennifer...! will do...:)


monica - March 28

phoebe, how many weeks are you. I was told after 20 weeks you dont have to drink water, also it depends on how high tech to machines the hospital had. I was lucky I didnt have to drink any water at all.


Vina - March 29

Would they let you bring a VHS tape or a dvd disc to record the session? Or they'll just give you some print-outs? I have mine scheduled in six weeks.


Phoebe - March 29

I am 18 weeks... YAHHHH Almost half way there.


Foxy - March 29

I was told to drink water before my 12 week scan but when I got to the hospital they asked me to give a urine sample so my bladder was completely empty, but we still saw our baby just fine.


ann - March 29

phoebe i had got my second level u/s done 03/17/05 when i was 20 weeks and i never had to drink any water at all...........i mean i was not told specifically to drink any water at all.............all the best


MONICA - March 29

as far as I know, you only get a print out.



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