OUCH Does Anyone Else Hurt Like This

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Amyell428 - October 25

Ok, I know I can be crazy at times but I am hoping I am not the only nut that has this pain. OK, this is what I am feeling yall let me know if I am alone. As a child I can remember falling off my brothers bike and bruising my pubic bone on the bar that is on boys bikes. My pubic area is so sore and also my groin area like I have been on a horse tooo long. My lower back is even sore. You would think I would have been doing something wild but not me. I have been pretty boring lately. I am 15 weeks as of Tuesday and this has been hurting for like a week. I have not called the doctor because I thought it mught be ligaments stretching and i have not spotted or anything. Tell me what you think please. I would love to hear others comments. P.S. Don't I sound like such a complainer? LOL. Actually all this is coming out of concern for my baby. Thanks for any input.


joy28 - October 25

Hi, I've actually been having some pain in my pelvis t. An ache really... Like I fell on skates! But sleeping on my side I think is causing the pain in my hip joints... No fun. Your pain sounds a little different but it wouldn't hurt to call your dr office to ask. My nurses are awesome about calling me back and rea__suring me.


corbin289 - October 25

I have the same thing off and on I'll have it for a week or so then it goes away. I'm 20 weeks now and its even worse this time. This is #3 for me and I've gotten it with all three. I think its just everything starting shift and expand down there. If it really worried you I'd call your doc just to feel better but I think its pretty common.


Amyell428 - October 25

Well after posting I decided to call the doctor and he told me to come in. EVerything is completely fine. He said it is Round Ligament. He also gave me an ultrasound and I am only 15 weeks but we were able to see the s_x.....It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!


Tory1980 - October 26

Congratulations on the boy! However I have had that with three pregnancies and again with this one. I was finally diagnosed with my last pregnancy when I ended up in tears from the pain of waling to our nearby shop and back again (5min round trip!) and I couldn't walk upstairs. This pregnancy it has hit from around 13weeks and I did put it down to ligamnents etc but now I know it wasn't that. It is a condition called Pelvic Arthropathy and it can be serious during a labour as there is certian positions if you suffer from this condition that you shouldn't deliver in. At present I am wearing a pelvic support belt but it doesn;t give much comfort. I am 29w1d and I expect it only to get worse! Here is a description of it. Sorry if it is long ------------------------------------ What is pelvic arthropathy? The joints of the pelvis can cause pain during pregnancy. The diagnosis is not hard to make when you are aware of the existence of this condition and its symptoms. Pelvic arthropathy causes such pain that movement is limited and the ability to walk is impaired. A woman with pelvic arthropathy will feel pain mostly around her pubic area spreading out to the groin and the front and back of the thighs. Some kinds of movement, such as lying on her back and trying to turn onto her side, worsens the pain. When she walks, her steps will get shorter until she is almost waddling. Walking up and down stairs is especially difficult. Some degree of pelvic joint pain affects most women in the later stages of pregnancy but the discomfort for a small group of women is often underestimated. For these women, pelvic arthropathy might develop early in pregnancy and last well after delivery. What causes pelvic arthropathy? The pelvis is made up of several bones that are jointed in a way that usually does not allow any movement. Under the influence of hormones produced in pregnancy, the cartilage of the joints becomes softer and allows the bones to move. It is this movement and displacement of the bones that causes the pain. In addition, the weight of the growing uterus and baby causes a shift in the pregnant woman's centre of gravity. This often causes lower backache. What can be done about pelvic arthropathy? If a woman experiences the kinds of pain described above, she should consult her doctor or midwife. Pain relief is often appropriate but the best source of advice and support will be from a specially trained physiotherapist (obstetric physiotherapist). The physiotherapist will explain the condition and offer advice about certain exercises and postures that should be adopted and others that should be avoided. Occasionally, a support garment such as a corset can be helpful and walking sticks are sometimes necessary. You may be advised regarding the most appropriate position in which to give birth. What happens after the birth? If pelvic arthropathy is diagnosed and treated correctly the chances of a successful delivery and an easier time afterwards are increased. The discomfort does not disappear immediately after delivery but a gradual improvement over the first few weeks can be expected. It is impossible to predict whether a woman will be troubled to the same degree in any future pregnancies or not.


Amyell428 - October 26

WOW...that is very interesting. I wonder if that is what I have. Myback has been hurting but my back hurts often because I always sleep crazy. I am going tohave to read up on this and see what else I can find out. That is very enlightening. My legs are not hurting...yet but they may start. Thank you so so so much for telling me about this. You have really been helpful. Do you know if this can cause a miscarriage or a loss of the baby during birth? I would love to hear more about this. Where are you from? I am from Mobile, Alabama.


Tory1980 - October 26

No it won't cause a miscarriage so don't worry. Certian positons can cause more pain through the labour - like lying flat on your back to push and can do a little more damage to the pelvic bone as babies head has to pa__s through it. I was sore with my forst pregnancy and delivered him at 34weeks, with my second I a__sumed it was because I carried him until his due date but with my Third it was the Midwife who diagnosed it. I had some simple physio which helped and the support belt eases it but it is still incredibly painful and for me, it stayed sore for a few weeks after the birth. I am in Antrim, Northern Ireland.



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