OUCH I Have Heartburn

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estee - November 27

i have bad heartburn and i don't know what i could do about it, i thought someone might know more than i do. i do not take ANY kind of chemical drugs, so if you know something natural, herbal holistic preferably organic - let me know! thanks!


Christine - November 29

I get it occa__s. too this time around...though I used tums once..they helped..what I usually do is lay down with a gla__s of water...I dont really like to take anything either...I think the laying down helps move things out...good luck


Kara - November 29

I am 22 weeks and I get heartburn all the time. My OB told me tums are perfectly safe. That seems to work well for me.


bry - November 29

I had heartburn every single day of my last pregnancy and took tums all the time, be careful taking tums, they contain calcium. I got kidney stones, my doctor told me no more tums because it caused calcium deposits, I had to be induced because of the pain of the stones.


bry - November 29

me again, They gave me maalox at the hospital, also if it is severe you can take zantac 75


estee - November 29

thanks for the answers so far. what exactly is tums? maalox ans zantac sounds very cheemical to me... i'll try laying down with water. has anyone ever tried drinking a sip or two of cream? my mom did it when she was pregnant with all three of us. she says it works wonders. i am vegan thou, so i haven't tried it. let me know if you try it...


bry - November 29

milk and cream can make it worse, according tomy doctor, it may relieve it at first and than it gets worse


Reb - November 30

The idea is to counteract the acid in your stomach. The calcium in Tums does that. The theory is that the calcium in milk can do that too. I would also suggest cutting down on anything acid in your diet and maybe eating some bread if you don't want to touch the dairy.


Sabrina - December 4

You get heartburn when you don't have enough calcium in your system. You body is turning more acidic. Drink milk or take calcium supplements a couple times a day. (Take calicu citrate or chelate - calcium carbonate is frequently hard to absorb.) Another symptom you may experience later on that indicates calcium definiciency is leg cramps. Increase caclcium intake immediately and they should go away. I did this with my pregnancy and had 1 leg cramp in the entire 9 months - the one that indicated I should get more calcium.


estee - December 4

i am taking a calcium supplement additionally to my prenatal vitamins since apprx. 6 weeks.


Sabrina - December 5

Estee, how much calcium at you getting in total each day? Gla__s of milk = 300mg, calcium supplement, around 350 mg. You need to be taking in at least 1,600 mg and preferably 2,000+ mg a day. Count how much you're taking in in total and see if it's enough. I take 2 - 3 calcium supplements throughout the day because I've developed an milk allergy with this preg.


estee - December 6

i get about 400mg from the prenatal vitamins (2 x a day), 1000 from the calcium supplement (2 x a day) and i add that up with lots of calcium enriched orange juice, spirulina, lots of spinach and other green foods. this makes 1400mg from the vitamins alone, plus the food / drinks. i might throw in another calcium tablet a day, which would make at least 2000mg then.


Sabrina - December 7

Sounds good, my only concern si the amount in your calicium tablet. If it's 500 mg, the odds are that it's calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is very hard to absorb, and almost nothing is absorbed without food. You would be better changing over to calcium citrate, which can be asborbed on an empty stomach, or calicium chelate, easiest to absorb. In fact, calcium carbonate can be so hard to absorb, it can cause heartburn.


estee - December 8

i can't take anything like that on empty stomach anyways. i always eat a good meal before i take any vitamins etc. the calcium supplement i take has been recommended by my midwife who works closely with a nutritionist, i don't see no problem there. thanks for your help anyways.


Tasha - December 9

Hi, Estee! I will be 20 weeks in a few days and I had severe heartburn a few weeks ago. I am somewhat lactose intolerant so I don't always get enough calcium to say the least. I did take TUMS w/calcium which are just antacid tablets. That may be too chemical for you though, I don't really know. They helped me for awhile but eventually they didn't help anymore. I have not been eating fried foods or spicy foods. Doc says this triggers heartburn which in my case seems to be true. I have also tried laying down, changing positions, and taking warm baths. I have been trying to eat 2 bowls of cereal a day too, b/c that is the only way I can drink milk. For some reason this has helped the most. I have not had heartburn since I increased my calcium by drinking milk.


estee - December 9

tasha, that's intresting. did you take a calcium supplement before you tried the milk with cereal? or is it really the milk?


sabrina - from estee - December 9

hi sabrina, i just found out that my calcium supplement actually consists of calcium citrate - malate, carbonate and amino acid chelate. thats good to know! thanks for your advice.



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