Our Level II U S

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squished - February 5

We just had our "big" u/s today and all is well!! We were very nervous and feel a whole lot better now. The dr. did say that the leg bones were in the normal range, but on on the low side so it's just something that they'll watch. Hopefully it's something that will catch up by the time we go to the next appt. I've read of a couple people who've had measurements in the lower normal range at one appt. and then at the next one it's been fine. Almost right when she started the u/s she asked if we wanted to know what we were having and we said no and stuck too it. I thought for sure that we would give in but we didn't. So, we don't know what it is. I can't believe that we didn't find out! Thanks for listening you guys!!!


sarahd - February 5

That's great! It's such a relief to see that little one, isn't it? We didn't find out the s_x either, it's tough but I think it'll be a wonderful surprise when the big day comes.


krnj - February 5

That's great news! Good for you for sticking to not finding out the s_x. I couldn't resist when I was pregnant with my son, I slipped and told hubby who didn't want to know! Boy was he mad at me! Oh well he got over it! lol We're finding out what #2 will be.


suze42 - February 5

Good news!!! Congrats.


TamaraAngel - February 5

Glad to hear it went well! Yay! Such self-restraint not finding out the s_x... wow!


squished - February 5

sara you guys didn't find out either!!! isn't it fun not knowing? everyone called today wanting to know what it is. is this your first one? i think that so many things are surprises and it will be a great motivator to push that little baby out!


Skyeblue - February 6

Hi squished, I am just curious what your doc sees as "low side of normal range". Did he give you a centile or a mm measurement...? Or did he give you a "X number of days/week behind" average...I had some small measurements at my 20 week u/s, I am 32 now and have an u/s in 2 days. I measured on the "small side" and this next u/s is a growth check up.


squished - February 6

Skyeblue....our doctor didn't say that the baby was behind by a certain number of days or anything like that. I guess that there are a range of measurements that are considered normal for the age of the baby and the leg bones were on the lower end of normal. After we thought about it when they were doing the u/s they were using my old due date which would put me at 17w and not 16w2d, so I don't know if that makes a big difference or not. I think that our doctor is just being cautious and letting us know everything b/c he is a high risk maternal fetal specialist and I'm sure that he knows that all of his moms are basket cases :) I have seen a few women on these boards who have measured small at one u/s and then been completely within normal on the next. I'm sure that your little one is fine and in all likelyhood probably caught up. Our doc also said that if you, your husband, or family are smaller or shorter than it may be completely normal for babies born in your families. I wish you a happy u/s and let us know what they say!


jessicaspatherapist - February 6

ohhhhhhh....it must have been so nice to see you little one on the screen!!!! was she/he moving around a lot?



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