Out Of Breath Anyone

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ChrisTINA - September 30

I am 16 wks pregnant. I can get up off the couch, walk to the refrigerator and back and be completely out of breath.... my heart races... I feel like I my heart is going to explode its pumping so hard and fast... I have to lay down... and it takes me FOREVER to get back to normal, does anyone else have this issue?


Mary - September 30

I do. Sometimes I just have to sit and take a deep breath even though all I'm doing is just sitting there. I'm only 13 1/2 weeks though so I can only imagine what it's going to be like at 16 weeks.


Lisa - September 30

I did really bad in my first trimester...it's getting easier now. Try to exercise more. I get out for long walks everyday with my dogs and it helps. I still breathe pretty hard, but I don't want it to get worse from not moving for 9 months either..


Reni - October 1

Yes! I'm 16 weeks too and just noticed this within the last week. It is driving me crazy, especially since I never really had the horrible fatigue of the first trimester. I can't imagine going through the rest of the pregnancy like this. I wonder if we are anemic? Let me know if you find a good solution to this! I wish you the best.


teigan - October 1

yes i had it. take your pulse when this happens, if it goes over 100 go to your gp, you may be fine but you may also have tachycardia, what i have they put me on beta blockers as mine was140... i felt like poop.. good luck x


Bridget - October 1

It sounds like you are very anemic. I am not a doctor but I will tell you what I know from experience.I was very anemic for over 2 years due to heavy periods caused by fibroids. I thought I was getting out of shape and would criticize myself.I learned how sick I was and got iron treatments because I couldn't tolerate the vitamins.After the terrific treatmentsand the surgery I am, miraculously 19+ weeks pregnant.The anemia caused me to become winded easily like you are descibing and there can be danger to your health there. Your heart is beating fast because when you are anemic, your blood has fewer red blood cells and is thus diluted or "thinner". Your heart has to work harder to get those red blood cells that you DO have around your body. As you can guess this is putting a strain on your heart and you should talk to your doctor about the getting out of breath. Normal hemoglobin is 12-16 and hematacrit is around 35, I forget exactly. My hg was 5.9 and I was told by a doctor that he'd seen women with that reading not able to get out of bed. The baby will get all the iron it needs first before you get your share so if you aren't taking prenatal vitamins, you really should. I asked my doctor (when I was still very anemic, last year) if I could just eat lots of iron rich foods to get up to par on my iron and he said with such low levels it would be like peeing in the ocean,I have a very funny doctor.But anemia isn't funny and I promised myself after what I'd been through that if I could help other women by letting them know how serious anemia can be (by causing heart failure, even) I would.I don't mean to scare you, but please tell the dr. how winded you get, don't take it lightly, I almost needed a transfusion.


SAB - October 3

I had shortness of breath during the first trimester and my doctor told me it was because my body was producing a lot of extra blood so my heart was having to work that much harder to pump it through my body.


keep in mind - October 3

keep in mind this thing that I read: a pregnant woman's heart (while she is SITTING) works as hard as a non-pregnant woman who is walking. So, imagine what our hearts must be doing when we are actually walking? lol..


lisa pizza - October 3

I had this starting at week 15- just felt like it was hard to get a deep breath. i read something that said that in the 2nd trimester start this can happen due to progesterone surges and is nothing to worry about unless it is extreme.



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