Ovarian Cysts

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Daytona - December 27

Does anyone else have an ovarian cyst? Mine is 10 by 12 by 14cms its pretty big and causes me really bad pain every few weeks..ive been admited to hospital for it aswell...anyone else have any problems like this?


Daytona - December 27

Or has anyone had to deal with one while pregnant...at first the doctors wanted me to take it out but i was to early along in pregnancy..now that im further along they dont want to do anything but just wait.


stephanie - December 27

I had them with both of my pregnancies. My first one was just about as big as your is. They wanted me to get emergency surgery but I would lose the baby. I ended up getting a second opinion & he said that it would just go away & it did as I got further along in the pregnancy. With this pregnancy it was smaller & went away by week 12. I wasn't in any pain with either one in fact I had no idea that I had one. Luckily I was never admitted to the hospital. How far along are you?


Mandi_lin - December 28

I have a condition called PCOS, and the discovered this on Aug. 05 and told me I couldn't get pregnant because of my cyst and they were so big. The made an apointment for me to get them lasered and I found out I was pregnant Aug. 23rd. I am now 22 WKS pregnant and I have some discomfot, but no major pain.


Daytona - December 28

I am 25 weeks I havent had the major pain for about 3-4 weeks but now and then i get the slight discomfort pain.At first yeh one of the doctors wanted to take it out but it meant losing the baby which i didnt want so we just decided to wait and see.


Julie - December 28

Daytona, I am 13 weeks and my Dr told me I had one too. Not as big as yours, mine is about 2" by 2", he said they don't do anything with them, they go away after pregnancy and are very common. Good luck to you!


Daytona - January 5

Yeh i Hope it goes away after pregnancy..coz man its just a pain literaly hehe. It makes it harder for me to determine wether i have a urine infection or not because the pain is in the same place pretty much.


Allyson - January 5

i have 2 both 35mm they cause me pain every few weeks also i have been admited to the hospital also for them doc says nothing u can do till the baby comes..


gobears77 - January 9

Hello, I have a corpus luteum cyst on my rt ovary as well. It started at 7cm x 6cm and started leaking fluid at about 10 weeks. I was in extreme pain at this time, so bad I got sick. I went to emergency room - but the pain had gone. I then went back home to get some sleep, woke up 3 hours later and the pain was back. I ended up being hospitalized for dehydration and for observation (they don't want a large cyst to twist the ovary) but then was sent home. I had about 5 days of pain and then the pain totally went away!! Thank goodness. They had wanted to operate, but waited to see if pain would go away and it did! I had another ultrasound at 15 weeks and the cyst had gone down some - about 5cm now. I keep hoping that it will continue to get smaller - no pain since 10 weeks!!! Dr's said it would either go away on its own, or it may pop during labor or when the baby get bigger (pain) or it may stay and have to be removed after delivery. My type of cyst is normal in pregnancy, it's just much bigger than everyone elses! Hope this helps!


Ba8y6irl - January 10

I have 2 before, but I dont have any right now thank god. The last one burst in August right before I got preggo. I seem to get one every 4 years. I get them without knowing and then they burst and I sit in emerg for 9 hours... then I go for an ultrasound and they tell me that it must have been a cyst. Then I feel fine and continue on with life. Its really annoying and very painful but I dont know how to detect them before they burst. So its kinda one of those things that just happen. :(


Daytona - January 10

Cool thanks guys. My cyst feels like its getting bigger...it moves around alot to...im pretty sure last nite it moved right up..my stomach looked all weird..and it wasnt the baby.


LW - January 10

I have 2 (boooooooooo) from having been on Clomid. One is 5 cm x 4 cm and the other is 4cm x 4cm. Sometimes, they really suck and cause quite a bit of pain. My dr has decided to monitor them as my pregnancy continues (I'm 21 weeks) and then decide what to do when the baby comes. I just hope they get lost - it would be great if they just go away on their own! Anyone ever had cysts just go away?


treesa - January 10

i went to emergency this weekend because of extreme pain and i thought something was wrong with the baby. It was my cyst that grew to 8 cm and is resting on my bladder. I hope that this pain goes away, but al least the baby is fine. I guess they sometimes burst on their own. I hope so.


Frankie - January 17

I had my first app today and found out i have a cyst on my Lt ov it is about 6cm by 6cm and I am very worried. Can I keep the pregnancy or will it be too dangerous? I naver enev knew it was there but now that I do i know where all the pain was coming from...


angi - January 18

Hello to everyone, i to have had the same pain on my left side, this is my 3rd pregnancy and i just went for a special u/s and they found a cyst on my left ovarian, the doctor said that this happens in the ovarian that the baby comes from and it should correct its self, but it is not a worry and that basically i just have to deal with the pain, but if still there when time for delivery they will remove it, i am having a c/section. She was very, very sure that it would go away for it is pretty common, hope this helps ya! Take care.



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