Overactive Thyroid

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Carla - April 27

Hi my dr just informed me that my blood work came back saying my thyroid level was slightly increased and wants me to go see an endocrinologist. He said that they might not do anything for me since its a slight increase and not considered to high but he wants to be cautious, Does anyone have any info for me, i would appreciate it


KellyO - April 27

Hi Carla, I am 15 wjs tomorrow and my blood work came back with an elevation thyroid level. However my doc said that it was still in the normal range so there was no need to worry. I know that doesn;t help you much, but it great that if there is a problem they caught it early enough and if there is no problem, well then you have a very precautious doc. Good Luck!


tryingx3 - April 28

Carla, I work with both OB and Endocrinologist. After I found out I was pregnant, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease - which can cause hyperthyroidism. I am on a med considered safe for pg and am monitored closely to make sure I am on minimum dose needed. I am 19 weeks and things have been fine so far. Look up hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. KNOW your numbers you are dealing with so you can talk with Endo, TSH, T4, Free T4, etc. There are also antibodies they can test for that can sometimes indicate what might be going on with thyroid as well. ALSO, it is my understanding that pregnancy itself can cause thryoid levels to be a little out of whack. My levels had been monitored for 6 months prior to pregnancy, but my general pract_tioner didn't know how to diagnose.


torbman - May 1

Hi Carla, I am 27 weeks pregnant and am on my third child. With my first I developed a hypothyroidism, and have been on a very low dose of meds since then ( about 11 years ). I found with my last pregnancy ( 8 years ago) my levels went funny, and had my meds slightly increased, then when I had her, my levels went back to my regular meds, and now being pregnant with the third, my levels are changing again. Wanted to let you know to help you not to worry. There is very safe meds that can be taken to keep levels under control while pregnant. My second daughter is very healthy and all. Not sure if this helps you but thought that I would share.


honeybea - May 2

Hi Carla- I actually went into my pregnancy with thyroid problems. When your throid level is elevated that means it is underactive ( hypothyroid) I currently take medication for mine and have it monitored frequently. It is very normal in a pregnancy to have this. They told me that when my little girl is born she'll just have a blood test to make sure she doesn't have problems either. As long as it's managed with med- you have nothing to be concerned about- hope this helps


Carla - May 2

Hi, The endocrinologist said my levels are ok and i dont need meds, he said my ob was just being cautious, thank u everyone for all your support


tryingx3 - May 3

Great news!



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