Overweight And Preg Have Questions

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RG - May 2

Hey Ladies...I'm in my 2nd trimester and wondering if anyone in here is overweight? I'm overweight and just wondering if you've experienced any issues? I'm ready to look pregnant instead of just big! :) How about the gestational diabetees test? Anyone had that yet?


Kelly K - May 2

I'm about 50 lbs overweight and haven't had any problems yet (knock on wood). I've actually lost 4 lbs since finding out I was pregnant. I'm at risk for gestational diabetes, but haven't been tested yet. They check my blood sugar every other appointment and I'm sure a glucose test will be coming soon.


Mimi - May 2

I am overweight. The doctor says everything is going well and I did a fasting blood sugar last week and it was normal. I am now 19 weeks. They will do the glucose test probably at 26 weeks. So far so good. I just watch my sugar intake and I also purchased the accu-chec Active meter, they are around $20.00 and the strips cost about $30.00 for 50. I test my blood a few times a day to make sure I am not too high or to low. If I am I excercise and eat less carbs if I am high and if low, eat more protein. You really need to watch your intake of carbs. Less is best! Good luck!


RG - May 2

Thanks Mimi--they always talk about overweight people getting gestational diabetees...but this girl I work with was like 110 when she got PG and she go them...so I don't think it's all about the weight. Are you showing any? Can you feel the baby move?


rae - May 2

hi i'm about 30 lbs overweight but no problems so far.


Me too! - May 2

I am overweight by about 40 to 50 lbs - didn't lose weight from baby #3 two years ago...I am 14 wks and so far so good...I am eating fairly well and walking and I want to join a prenatal aqua cla__s!! I feel as though I am starting to show already too !!


hello - May 2

I been pregnant before. I had a 20 pounds extra on me. The doctor said I would only need to put on 15 pounds instead of 30. Every women get check for diabetes no manner what there weight is. He told me not to worry so much about weight. It is more dangerous to be underweight and have a eating disorder. Have fun and enjoy your pregnancy!


JBear - May 3

I'm overweight, obese if I really want to be honest. I had some issues during my first pregnancy. I had pre-eclampsia, and I had to have three glucose tolerance tests, the three hour test. I also had to have non-stress tests from about 25 weeks on. There were some other fun tests they did too. I was 40 lbs lighter at the start of this pregnancy than I was the last time, and I chose a doctor who's more laid back than the first one was, so I haven't had to have the million tests I did with my first pregnancy. I've been a lot more comfortable and relaxed this time. Also, they actually make plus sized maternity clothes now. Motherhood and JC Penny sell them. So does Fashion Bug, although I haven't seen theirs. If you get some maternity tops that make you look obviously pregnant, you'll feel better about your shape, and other people will start asking when you're due and all that fun stuff.


RG - May 3

Thanks JBear....I knew about Motherhood and Fashion Bug but I didn't know that JCPenny had plus size maternity...I'll have to check them out. Also babybecoming is a web site that has 1x-6x maternity clothes. My doctor seems laid back and not doing any tests other than the norms. I'm so excited! :) Thanks for your support.


Debbie - May 3

Hey RG, I am overweight as well and at 19 weeks. I am not really showing yet, just a little, I haven't had any problems so far and hope to keep it that way. I lost 8 lbs when I first got pg and now as of my appt. last month gained 1 back. The main thing is watching how much you gain right now cause you will gain it fast later. As far as gestational diatbetes, I have the test next thursday but the doctor doesn't seem to be concerned that it's going to be an issue due to the limited amount of weight I have gain. My baby is great so far, growing right on track. If it helps any I weighed 219 when I found our I was pg and now I'm at 212 as of last month so I am a bit overweight. Check back with me in a week or so and I will let you know how my diabetes test went and you can let me know when you have yours.


RG - May 3

Thanks Debbie...I love hearing from others in my shoes....I'll be 13 weeks Friday so I'm not sure when I'll take my test, I go tomorrow for a checkup and to hear the heartbeat. When I first found out I was pg...I had lost 6 pounds in about 2 weeks...my pants seems to be getting looser so maybe I'm still loosing a little. It's great to have others to talk to....we need to keep this thread at the top of the list so others see it and comment. (I'm with Jbear....more obese than overweight if you want to get down to it....) Thanks for all of the support!


RG - May 5

Hi ladies...just wanted to give and update....I went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor said she would "try" to find the heartbeat but it may be difficult because I'm overweight...she found it fairly quickly. I was so excited and my hubby was too. It was 145...dropped from 165 which was at like 7w6d...she said changes of miscarriage drastically dropped once you heard the heartbeat. Things are still going great and I'm so excited. How is everyone else feeling?


Jbear - May 8

Glad to hear your doctor visit went well. I wanted to tell you about a Yahoo group that I belong to. It's called OPSS and it's for pregnant ladies that are at least 50 lbs overweight. Also, I was talking to my doctor about the gestational diabetes test and how I really wanted to avoid the 3 hour test. He said that the best way to do well on the 1 hour test is not to eat any sugar for 24 hours before the test. He was really suprised at how many times I was tested during my first pregnancy.


RG - May 9

JBEAR--how do I get to the Yahoo Group?


Jbear - May 10

http://www.fertilityplus.org/bbw/ follow the link, and then scroll down to OPSS-L. To join, you have to fill out a short questionnaire, and then write a short intro that gets posted to the group.


RG - May 10

Jbear...is this somewhere like this or do people email you back and forth? It's my work email so I'd hate to start getting tons of emails from people. Thanks for the info...it looks good already.


Jbear - May 12

It's a group that sends you emails daily. It's either a digest of all emails sent that day, or individual emails depending on which one you select. Why don't you get a yahoo email address (free) and use it to join? Then you can just log in to check your email, without anything being sent to your work email.



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