Overweight First Timers Please Respond

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Boomgirl - September 27

Hi, when did you feel ur fist baby movement, fluttering/kicking? I am overweight and a first timer. I have read that overweight expectants may feel the baby movements as late a 20-22 weeks and so do first timers dont feel it for a long time. Please let me know when you first felt baby movements. I am 16 weeks and I havent felt any baby movements....


Michelle - September 28

I am 21 weeks and I felt my baby move at 19 weeks. I never felt the flutter I just started feeling the kicks. This is my first pregnancy. I did ask my doctor if I would feel the movement later because I was overweight and he said no.19 weeks seems a little later but its not to bad. Hang in there the baby will be moveing before you know it.


amber - September 29

i am overweight as well, i just recently began to feel my baby move, at about 22 weeks. I dont feel it all the time, just sometimes, my dr says its normal. All i feel is fluttering, kicking slight but not painfulkicking, just enough for my husband to feel her kick. I wouldnt stress about it, my mother in law told me she didnt feel my husband kick or move at all her whole pregnancy. Everyone is different. Your baby may be moving a lot, yet you might be trying to hard to feel it or not focused enough, Give it time, best of luck!


Brianna - October 1

I'm 16 1/2 weeks pregnat with the first and an overweight also. I just recently began feeling light flutters like under my ribcage and my lower abdomen. But not serious kicking. anyone else with the same thing?


Christina - October 6

Hello, your just like me. We both are worry worts. I am just 14 weeks, and I too have felt some things. They feel like gas bubbles, I asked my doctor, and he said it was the baby moving. Don't worry, you'll be fine, and you'll feel it soon.


HaiHai - October 6

Hey, I'm overweight and 18 weeks pregnant with my first, I THINK I was feeling him move at about 15 weeks, my doctor says it was just gas, and here recently I've felt strong more defined movements that I know are the baby... feels like a little tap to me, lol, or air bubbles almost in my lower belly, I dunno if weight has anything to do with feeling the babys movements, I was scared of that though, give it a few more weeks though :)


Rajani - October 14

I am overweight and now 19 weeks. I havent still felt the movement yet..


Christina - October 16

Has your doctor told you not to worry. I just think that your trying to feel it to hard. Just lay in bed tonight and don't think about it, and just maybe you will feel it. Girl, you will feel your baby move soon. Just don't rush a good thing. It will all be over before you know it. Plus your placenta also may be in the way. I would talk to your doctor, and ask him, something may be worng. I hope not. Good luck and let me know. If you ever want to talk you can e-mail me at [email protected] Good luck


Leisha - October 16

This is my first and I'm at 14 weeks. I wasn't expecting to feel anything for at least another month. I do feel gas bubbles ocasionally, but never thought it might be the baby. It'd be such a relief if it was because I've been having some bleeding recently. I wouldn't worry about not feeling her at 16 weeks. And I worry about everything.


Mellissa - October 19

If you are carrying a little more abdominal fat, it will more than likely take longer to feel the kick from the outside (say, by your hand or your partners) but it should affect the feelings within too much (ie, the "bubbles" everyone talks about. It also has a lot to do with the strength and thickness of your uterus. It's the strongest muscle in your body but it isn't what feels the kicks. It's the organs, bones and muscles around you that feel the impact of the kick which means that your little one is having to kick through that uterus to get to you.


Sarah - November 10

When I got pregnant with my first child i weighed 203lbs. I didnt feel her move untill I was about 22wks. With my second child, I was about the same size and I have been feeling it move since I was 12 wks.


Tina - November 13

I felt my son at 13 weeks. And I feel movement now and have for a few weeks starting at 11 weeks with this pregnancy. And I am overweight too.


jenny - November 15

hey i'm slightly overweight and a first timer, i didn't feel the first flutters till almost 21 weeks, and even now i'm 24 i feel them few and far btwn, some days not at all other days non stop, don't worry, it has a lot to do with your uterine muscles xo


Candace - November 15

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and also overweight. I've been feeling him moving since 15 weeks, although I wasn't sure, mostly because of being overweight, etc. I felt it on a daily basis (kinda felt like if you were to quickly and lightly brush your fingers over the palm of your other hand, except in my lower abdomen), but my doctor also thought it could be gas bubbles. I had an US at 16 weeks and could feel what I'd been feeling and at the same time we could see him moving on the US screen, so it confirmed that it was him and not gas that I had been feeling :) Now I feel him a lot more and I can feel the difference between a "kick" and him brushing against my uterus. It is so unreal :)



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