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mommymanda03 - June 14

Hey everyone, i'm new here and i'm 25 weeks pregnant:D i've been having really bad pains in what feels like my ribs!! It almost fels like the baby is sticking its fingers through my rib cage or scratching me:S Its not very pleasent!!! It happens mostly when i'm at school sitting at my desk! does anyone know what this is and how i can lessen the pain???


maren - June 14

well there really isnt anything that you can do about it. If it happens when your sitting i would try sitting up very straight because it may just be that your uterus is rubbing and squising you ribs/lungs and other good things in there. If it is the baby that is actually like b___ting its toes or fingers through your ribs there isnt to much you can do about that at all, just hope it moves out of your ribs.


eyes82000 - June 14

I have the exact same pains. I'm not sure what it is. I guess it's everything inside all pushed together because the baby is getting bigger. I sit all day at work and have to keep getting up just to stand a few minutes because the pain gets so bad. I had the exact same with my first, so I guess it's a normal thing. I haven't found anything to really help it, but if you find something please let me know.


mommymanda03 - June 14

I've asked alot of other people that i know and have had kids about what they could be, and they don't even know what it is!! I'll keep looking to see what i can find though:D


shortcake - June 14

Yeah I wondered what that was. I don't know if it's the same pain that you have, mine feels like my belly up by my ribs is sore! Like an irritated bruise or something in my belly. I had it yesterday and it felt like the babys leg was stretched out on the side for a while and it just left a bruise feeling on the right hand side.


olivia - June 14

I had this and it was actually my dd "flicking" my ribs with her toes. It is very painful, but the only thing to do is try to change positions. I used to start pushing back to see if she would find something else to do and sometimes then she'd stick her legs straight out my right side under my ribs.It's a constant battle until things tighten up in there and they have a little less freedom. I am 13 weeks with my second... so I'm sure I'll be in the same boat again soon.


mommymanda03 - June 15

i can't believe that babies are able to do so much in there!!! This is my first so i'm still pretty amazed by everything going on inside me:)


Ashleyg - June 15

someone suggested to me that if the baby is moving or digging in a certain spot, you take a cold gla__s (leave one in the fridge for a while), and put it on the spot. they said the baby would try to move away from the cold...havent tried it yet but what have you got to lose right?! good luck!


Autumn2006 - June 15

I am 26 weeks today. My baby Autumn has been getting stronger and stronger. Yesterday she rubbed across my rib cage so fast and hard my sister and I swear I jumped 10 feet. I feel her mostly on the right side and mostly behind my ribs. But I have never felt her like that. I needed to pee at the time and I guess she wanted the extra space. lol. My belly is not even round because she loves my right side. I love it when she moves.... they say an active baby is a healthy baby. I hope everyone is doing well.


eyes82000 - June 16

I posted a couple of days ago about feeling a lot of pain of my right side. I felt like I was really bruised inside. It's been going on for about two weeks almost. Well last night when I was showing my husband where it hurt he noticed that I was bruised all on the outside. I had the same pains with my son, but I'm not sure about the brusing on the outside of my tummy. Has anyone ever had this?


JenniferB - June 16

I had a lot of rib pain my first pregnancy and the doctor told me that it was due to everything stretching out and pulling.


olivia - June 16

strange, eyes82000. You should get your iron levels checked at your next appointment to make sure you aren't anemic. That is all I can think of, unless you can remember bumping it from the outside? Are you bruising easily anywhere else, or just there?


Jamie - June 17

I had severe pain on my right side, just under my right b___st, when I was 30 weeks prg. I went to the hospital and was told that I had pre-eclampsia. I'm not sure that the pre-eclampsia caused the pain, or was even related to the pain, but I would still strongly recommend mentioning the pain to your doctor.


KLT - June 19

I've got the bruising pain in the ribs on my right side as well. I have my next appt next Monday, so i'm going to ask the doctor then what she thinks...will keep you posted. I was thinking its the baby laying up in that corner...since I notice the pain most when I wake up in the morning..I figure its how i'm laying and how the baby is laying when I sleep...all bunched up in that corner. We'll see.


eyes82000 - June 19

I have a doctor's appt. next Monday too so I will ask her what she thinks. I haven't noticed any other bruises anywhere else so I don't think it's my iron. Actually it's gotten a little better over the weekend. I think maybe because during the week I sit all day at work and that makes it worse.



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