Pain After Standing

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jenice - October 29

I'm 23 weeks, and my last ultrasound was at 18 weeks...everything was perfect. I saw my doctor a week ago, and he said things are looking normal. But the last week I've noticed a pain on my lower left side (at the base of my uterus; if I cup my hand along the bottom of my belly it covers the area that hurts), and sometimes shooting along the insides (possibly the va___a?). This is my first pregnancy, and I really don't know what to expect. I'm not a terribly active person, and the pain comes after I've been standing or walking for an hour or so. (I just had to sit down from doing dishes because I couldn't handle it anymore.) It usually subsides if I sit down for a half hour or so. Is this something that if normal, or should I book an appointment with my doctor before my next scheduled visit (which is in 3 weeks)? Any opinions? Thanks ladies!


Anathi - October 30

Its probebly strain from standing to much on your second Tri you are advied not to sit, stand and walk more than an hour as it could coz strain I laso feel that sharp pain when I've walked or stood for a long time which I understand is mostly to much strain on the legaments. They are suppossed to stretch but not forced to strectch becoz ur baby pushes down the legaments also are stretching lol hope this might help you anyway I'm in the 3 tri just poped in to see


Mel Page - October 30

Jenice - hay girl!! I'm currently 22w2d and havent had it as bad as you, but when I walk long distances like in the mall, then I get that same uncomfortable painish tipe feeling. You need to take it easy girl. I dont think you have much to worry about, but if you feel intense pain then I'd call my gyno and just make sure, you know, rather safe than sorry. Good luck babe!! Love Mel


Gemini_Girl - October 31

Hi I have that too, not so much when Im standing but when I walk, or get in and out of bed etc! the midwife thinks I may have SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) and has referred me to a physiotherapist who will give me exercises to do, support bandages, in really bad cases you sometimes even need crutches to walk with- you should definately speak to your doc, better to get these things checked out! Goodluck



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