Pain In My Ass No Seriously

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ekay - May 15

Okay, I have this horrible pain that runs down my right 'cheek' and down my thigh. Is this the lovely sciatic nerve that I hear about so frequently? I can't sleep because everytime I turn over on my side I get this shooting pain, but I know I am not supposed to sleep on my back. Does anyone have any suggestions? Much obliged. (sorry for the double post-I messed up the t_tle :-)


Christy - May 15

Ekay- yes, it sounds like you have sciatica. I sprained my sacroiliac (where your pelvis meets the end of your spine) joint a few weeks ago at work and I have a touch of sciatica on top of it too. Do you sleep with a body pillow by any chance? I found it has been somewhat helpful with getting more comfortabe in bed. Also, try alternating heat and cold to the painful area. I got some of those Thermacare wraps, and they are really good for heat. You can wear them up to 8 hours and my OB said that was okay. Good luck with your pains- I definitely sympathize with you!


Jennifer - May 16

Most definately. If you will get your husband/boyfriend/ or whomever wants to touch your b___t! to rub and put pressure on the right "cheek" and rub deep into the muscle this can help relieve some of the pressure. I have had 3 ruptured discs in my back and it helped me when I went to physical therapy. You may want to discuss that with your OB/GYN


BunInTheOven - May 16

OMG! I SO TOTALLY know how you feel!!! It's a pain in the b___t, no pun intended. I can't sleep for a lick specially w/ my hubby next to me cuz hes a lil bigger and then i fall downhill. But i have found that putting a pillow Under my hip when i sleep *so it also supports you belly* and sleeping with feet up while on your side helps. We also got a foam pad and doubled it up on my side of the bed so that i'm higher than him you know, more support, and that has seemed to help. Hope that helps!! Good luck!!



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