Pain In My Tummy When I Sneeze

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mcbee - July 10

Okay, this is probably a wierd question, but I was wondering if anybody else had this problem. Sometimes, not every time, when I sneeze or cough, I get a sharp little pain in my tummy. It doesn't last long, and it's not unbearable, but it's a new feeling, and it worries me.


FinallyPreggers - July 10

mcbee, it happens to me sometimes too, the exact same thing you describe. I don't see my doctor again for 4 weeks, so I only plan to call if it gets really bad unless someone else thinks otherwise...


TRACCY - July 10

hello mcbee that has happened to me too...and i just had a u/s yesterday and an exam and all is well xoxox


baby2jan13 - July 10

Wow, I was afraid I'd sound silly if I asked that so I didn't! Yes that happens to me too! Or when I cough...I would imagine it is normal...Ibut nice to know it's happening to others!


cyndilea1973 - July 10

Me too! Sometimes I dread the coughing because it feels like it makes the uterus tighten up? I am glad that I am not the only one who has felt this!


britt_m - July 10

I experienced this with my first and was super worried, turns out its from all the stretching your uterus is doing. Its your round ligaments. The pressure from when you sneeze can stretch the ligaments a little further, and thats why it kinda hurts, like a sharp-stabbing pain.


mcbee - July 10

Wow, I'm glad I asked that question! Thanks for all the replies! They make me feel so much better!


JNFR614 - July 11

yup, it's all normal & perfectly fine to feel a lil pain when sneezing or coughing, like britt said it's all that stretching & what not that's going on in your bodies- wait til later when your babies are bigger & push on the siatic nerve- fun, fun. Lol


baby2jan13 - July 18

I went to the doctor yesterday and I asked this question. She said it is perfectly normal, and it's just the ligaments spasming from the growing and what not. No worries! I heard the heartbeat loud and clear!



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