Pain Near Belly Button

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dina - July 20

I'm 25 weeks pregnant and experiencing pain around my belly button. What is could be causing it and can it be anything serious?


Denise - July 20

according to : "i am 30 weeks pregnant and today i started to have intense pain in and around my belly b___ton and i am wondering if this is normal and what the cause of this pain is. It is not a constant pain, it lasts about 5 minutes when i get it. It feels like either stretching or tearing, but i have felt for fetal parts around my naval when i am having the pain and there are no legs or arms putting pressure on the area Thank you. Dear April: The umbilicus (belly b___ton) is a place where there is little support to the wall of the abdomen. With stretching, pain in this area is not uncommon. If this is the only symptom, it comes and goes, and is not a__sociated with anything pushing forward as a bulge, this is likely harmless. Keywords: umbilical pain, pregnancy This information isprovided for general education only and is not a medical consultation. If you have specific questions, please contact your physician."


danielle - January 29

do you have pain around your belly b___ton if you are just starting out your pregnancy


Jessica - January 31

I am currently 19 weeks with my first. I found out 2 weeks ago that i'm having twins!, the last couple of weeks i've been having some pain around my belly b___ton, it almost feels like one of the babies is pulling my skin from the inside! Is that the same pain that everyone else is feeling??


lidia - January 31

I am 15 weeks preg I am not feeling the pain in this pregnany but I had felt it with another pregnany it almost feels like from the inside somone is turning your belly b___ton like there opening a jar somtimes when your walking you just have to stop and let it pa__s because its very pain full to walk at the same time I never found out what it was but everything went fine with the pregnancy


christina - August 16

I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins and for the past 2 days i've been getting sharp pains around my belly b___ton. It definately looks a little more wider than normal, i'm not showing too much, but the pain sometimes keeps me hunched over. So far i've read that this is normal but later on during the pregnancy. Today, i'm calling the doc. has anyone experienced this so early?


shelly - August 16

I'm 14 weeks and I have had this happen to me a couple times in the last month or so. It only lasts about 5-10 minutes or so but it feels like an intense pulling from the inside.


Kacy - August 26

this is not an answer however, i am 33 weeks pregnant and i started to get these pains around 27-28 weeks. it feels like your muscles are pulling apart and you can barly move when it happens, i to have been courious as to why i get such pain, family and the doctor says its just streaching but its not a pain from the outside it comes from within and can be uncomfertable when it comes, especially if he is kicking at the same time (ouch)! i have found that it helps to lay flat on my back with no pillows or anything and ma__sage around the naval and it seems to go away with in minuits.


Mumzy86 - January 12

I am due in 4 days time and have been getting similar symptoms. It's a pain when i cough or sometimes even bend over or bend over something. I've had it for the past 2 weeks and my doctor's have said everything is normal and as long as i feel 10 movement's a day, everyday, everything is great :-) I hope this comment ease's your minds a little. Good luck to all!



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