Pain On Side Of Abdomen

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Cassie - June 12

Has anyone been feeling any sort of pain on the side of their abdomen? I've been having this slight, dull pain on my right side and before I bother my doctor about it, I wanted to know if anyone else has felt something like this or what you all think. The thing is, I think that is where the baby is located because that is where it was when we located the heartbeat. Any thoughts? Btw, I'm 14 weeks.


Coleen - June 12

My Dr. told me this was round ligament pain. The ligaments surrounding the uterus are stretching and sometimes ache or there's a sharp pain with sudden movements. He told me this was normal and will come and go.


Amy - June 13

Hi, I am 19 weeks along now. Last Sunday, I woke up in the middle of the night to a pain in my right side, too. It lasted the rest of the night until the next day. I finally went to the emergency room since the pain was steady. After a pelvic exam, urine test, blood work, ultrasound and so turns out it was just the round ligament pain. I followed up the next day with my ob/gyn. She confirmed it was definitely round ligament pain. She said, "Unfortunately, this pain will get worse before it gets better.". :) It was nice to know that it was just ligament pain and nothing bad. It is always better to get things checked out. But dull or sharp pain on either side of your abdomen like that could very well be round ligament pain. The sharp pain is only supposed to last very short periods of time. If the sharp pain stays too long, then definitely get it checked out sooner than later. But, the dull ache can last for hours like mine did. But, the day after my emergency room visit, the pain was completely gone. So, just pay attention to all your aches and pains and you will begin to know when something doesn't seem "right". Lots of luck with the rest of your pregnancy and enjoy your baby when he/she gets here! :)


Same Thing - June 13

I am 22 weeks and and have gotten those same pains in my right side. Almost feels like really bad side ache. I thought maybe it was a bladder or kidney infection. I go to the dr on the 6/24 so im going to ask. Not to sure


Ca__sie - June 13

Thank you, everyone, for your input. Today I have not felt the pain and it never did get sharp. I looked it up online too and thought that it might be round ligament pain. I'll still mention it to my doctor at my next check up though. Thanks!



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