Pain When Baby Moves

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niki - January 23

I was just wondering, I am in my 22 nd week and for the past few weeks it seems like when the baby moves up to the top side of my uterus I feel a cramping sensation. It always stops as soon as the baby moves down. Is this normal? I'm worried it will get worse as the baby continues to get larger. Does this mean that I have an irritable uterus?


ga2bme - January 23

Hi niki, there are so many aches and pains while you are pregnant and so many different ones that you need not worry about it unless it lasts a long time or is uncomfortable to the point of actually wanting to see the doctor. I am 22 weeks right now(3rd baby) and this is about the time that the uterus starts stretching quite a bit. I know for me its when I'm lying down mostly and it's so bad that I can't even move or it feels like my stomach is gonna stretch right off. It's totally normal and a lot of times it helps to walk it out or even ma__sage it. There is a really cool site that I like to look at once a week to see what's going on or what's going to be going on. It's called AMAZINGPREGNANCY.COM.....check it out it is really cool and goes week by week for you! Good luck and try not to worry too much.


Been There - January 23

You will definintely experience more. Your uterus is not necessarily irritable. My daughter stayed on a nerve in my leg for the longest. I've even heard of a baby sitting on a nerve so much, the person couldn't stand until they got the baby to move. My first daughter crushed my lungs and made them hurt really bad and cut down on my breath two days before she finally decided to come out. She was trying to stretch and had no room. So be prepared, there are more surprised to come. But, the great news is, you'll still look back and smile about it later. My children love to hear stories about what they did to me while they were inside. So I hope you're writing it down, your little one will probably get a kick out of hearing about what he/she did too.


niki - January 23

Thanks for your encouragement. I guess I'm just paranoid about this whole pregnancy b/c I've had cramping since the beginning and some bleeding at around 19 weeks (which has stopped). And now it seems like I feel crampy and achy all the time. My lower back kills on one side, everytime baby rolls I get a cramp and when I'm on my feet for too long I get a ache in my tummy. I just want my little girl to be full term and healthy.



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