Painful Fetal Movement

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Laura - October 31

It's happened like six times now, I have such severe pains, that I have to get down on my hands and knees and crawl around for like, ten minutes. The doc thinks it's just fetal movement but I don't feel any movement, just tightening, and sharp pains. Anyone else?


Emy - October 31

How far along are you? Listen to your gut. If it feels like something more serious (like preterm labor or contractions) then call again and force your doctor to see you. Pay attention to the regularity of the tightening. If it is happening more than once every ten minutes, for example. Usually braxton hicks contractions are fairly painless and fetal movements have never been painful to me - esp. not the severity you describe. It could be nothing, but just in case, you really should go get checked out in case it is something more impt. I was told that severe abdominal pain is not something that should be take lightly. If you can't even walk, I would consider that severe. Call your doctor again and tell her that you don't think it is fetal movement. I swear, doctors can be idiots sometimes. Good luck, sweetie.


Sparkles - October 31

I agree with Emy. That doesn't sound like the baby moving! I can feel my baby moving, but it's never been painful. Did the doctor want to check you out or run any tests, ultrasounds, etc... to make sure everything is ok? If not, I would find another doctor right away. This could be preterm labor or it may not be, but you'll never know unless your doctor takes your concerns seriously. I would be seen ASAP right now just to verify your not in labor. Good luck sweetie!


Jennifer - October 31

I would say trust your instincts. If you think it's more than fetal movement, get it checked out. That being said, I have a friend who recently gave birth, and she said that everytime her daughter moved, it hurt really bad. The reason behind it was that she had a problem that is rather rare, and that is that every time she had a period, the uterine lining separating left a scar. So every time the baby moved, it was stretching a painful scar, and this lasted between her 4th and 8th months. I think the last month it stopped hurting as much because all the scars had stretched out as much as they could go, so there wasn't any more baby could do to hurt them. That being said, trust your instincts. If you think it's more than fetal movement, get it checked out, regardless of what the doctor may think prior to any examination.


shoobu - October 31

Yes, Yes, i feel your pain. I so happy to be preganant but the sharp pains and tightening i feel was so unexpected.. However, mine is not fetal movement. i'm told it's ligaments strecthing and constipation. I've accepted that i have to endure this for another 4 months


Rachele - October 31

I have the same problem also and the doctor said it was round ligament pains. He also told me that I can take tylenol to help with the pain cause sometimes it hurts for hours :/ I would talk to your doctor about it again because fetal movement is not intended to be that painful and if he disagrees I would get a second opinion. Its probably just the same problem some of us other un-lucky preggies have. Let us know what you find out and good luck!!


sparkles - November 1

I know exactly what your talking about now! This morning I got a terrible pain on the left side of my abdomen. I had a hard time walking, couldn't lift up my left leg without being in pain, and had to crawl up the steps. It scared me, but I decided to wait it out and call the doctor if it continued. It only lasted for 10-15 minutes and then went away. I talked to my midwife this afternoon at one of my regular appt. and she told me it was round ligament pain. The pain was exactly where my ligaments are located and she said that this is normal in pregnancy. Hope this helps. Good luck!



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