Painful Gas

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Janice - October 19

Has anyone experienced painful gas pain. I don't mean to be gross, buts it's like you have to pass gas, but nothing comes out. I have been bloated since week 8. I am now 16 weeks. Yesterday I was in so much pain I thought something was wrong from the cramping of the gas. I went to the doctor and he said everything was ok. However this morning the pain is less severe (I am on Maloxx) but it is still there. Curious to know if anyone out there is in the same boat and what you do to get relief. Thanks,


Jean - October 19

I have been there! And once in a while I'll get a day full of trapped gas. It makes me miserable. I have taken Gas X, which seemed to help. Also, walking helps and yoga has really helped me, too. But sometimes it's just stubborn. Hang in there, I know how you feel.


BL - October 19

Hi Janice. I am 15 weeks and I have had bad gas since I found out at 5 weeks. It's only gotten worse. But I find it's mostly after I eat, and it depends on what I eat. Anything with beans, like Minestrone soup, is the worst. Also anything heavy or greasy. And whenever I eat something with sweetener or drink pop. It's awful.


Jenn - October 20

oh yes since 7 wks now 15 wks night time the worst , sometimes its feels like labor pains its so bad . Stay away from collieflower and brocclie i found it a killer


kj - October 20

Hi girls, I'm wondering now if I am having gas pains. My prenatal vitamins make me pretty constipated (sorry tmi) and I have been havinng really mild cramps here and there....nothing serious, just a wave of them for like 10 seconds and then it goes away. Could this be gas???? i am 16 weeks


Janice - October 20

Thanks ladies. Jean- Is it safe to take Gas X when pregnant?


Jean - October 20

My doctor okay'd it after 12 weeks. But call yours and get her/his opinion. The online research I did said it's safe also, in the second trimester.



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