Painful Intercourse Anyone

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Dana - October 23

Hey everyone, I am 23 weeks and my s_x drive is so low. I do it just to get it out of the way sort of thing. Anyway the baby is already pushing on my baldder and with my dh already above average size p__s, s_x has just become completely uncomfortable. it feels like so much pressure going on up inside. Anyone else feeling this sensation during s_x?


Lisa - October 23

Yes... I have not had it in a while because it causes me some serious discomfort.


Tina - October 23

I completely understand and feel somewhat relieved that I am not the only one experiencing this. I have a problem with getting enough "moisture" and the KY just doesnt seem to help the discomfort. I could care less about "doing the deed" right now because I get nothing out of it... I only do it for my "other-half" to be satisfied. It is very uncomforatable... I cramp sometimes afterward... and the back pain is the worst. Anyone else having these problems?


Michelle - October 24

Yes,,,,me too. Its really a bummer. Doesn't do a thing for me. I have very little s_x drive. My poor hubby. He is so good about it. He knows I hurt, so he is really good about the whole thing. I can't wait til things return to normal.


Kim - October 24

Yep, me too. With my first pregnancy I was the complete opposite -- great s_x drive. Not sure if there is a solution... Hopefully it will get better because after the birth (especially with a v____al delivery) it is the last thing on earth that you want to do!! ugh..


Lacy - November 8

Well, I dont think it is because you have a low s_x drive...because I ALWAYS want to now, but some positions just hurt for me, which wasnt a problem before. I've noticed that being in positions where I have control, is more comfortable because I can regulate movement. In the very beginning of my pregnancy, I also had a hard time enjoying it, and had the no lubrication problem. I know its hard to find the desire, but it helped me to look at it in a positive way, "I will enjoy it once I do it" and stuff. I learned that thinking "I dont want to, and Im only doing this for him" was totally making it worse. So, if you are going to, then try to make the best of it, and tell him to give you plenty of warm up first! Im sure he wants you to be happy too!



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